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RQ Retail Management
Cell Phone Store POS

The intuitive and user-friendly design of RQ, our full-suite retail management system (RMS) and POS, allows your wireless retail team to serve customers faster, more effectively, and with greater confidence than ever before.

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Point of Sale

Our RMS is much more than just a POS. Equip your sales staff with the tools to turn them into rock stars. With RQ's intuitive interface, delivering enhanced customer service will delight your wireless customers and free up time for your team to efficiently serve others.

RQ fully integrates with third-party offerings, such as tax library and automated payment processing, and can bundle products for sale at a discounted rate, including stocked or non-stocked products.

You can also grow your loyal following with our extremely powerful and flexible coupons/promotions feature. Can your current POS do all that?

RQ Payments Connect

Connect to a Complete Payment System

Provide the best payment experience for your customers with our fully-integrated and fully-managed payment system. No-fuss integration saves you time and money by pushing the RQ transaction directly to the payment terminal and automatically updates the invoice when a payment is tendered.

Our fully-managed payment ecosystem delivers everything you need to process electronic transactions quickly, including merchant services and EMV enablement.

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Retail Unleashed

Retail Unleashed

Access RQ on a mobile or tablet device and free your staff from behind the terminal. View real-time reports, customer profiles, and inventory to serve your customers from anywhere in your store or monitor performance from anywhere in the world.


Retail Management Dropship

Dropship gives you the ability to send items from a supplier or fulfillment location directly to your customer. Tap into your existing fulfillment and supply chain integrations and bid farewell to out of stock disappointments for your customers.

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"We had a lot that needed to be accomplished. iQmetrix showed they are the best provider and are at the forefront of developing new innovations."

Dennis Ferguson
ZAGG | 101 locations

More Features Than A Swiss Army Knife



Build a complete view of your consumer through every transaction. Data from RQ and other iQmetrix products is accessible across your organization to ensure your customers receive the same level of personalized service at every touchpoint.



Get an eagle’s eye view on your inventory. Our global inventory tools make it easy to manage your inventory all in one spot, as well as create a real-time audit trail that determines an item's exact location at any time.

Accounting & Reconciliation

Accounting & Reconciliation

Bean counters rejoice! Keep precise accounting of deposits, purchases, credits, and RMAs. RQ tracks and auto-reconciles vendor commissions and produces accurate reports.

Widget Library

Widget Library

Choose from a variety of widgets to tailor a home page with valuable tools, from up-to-the-minute profit numbers to personal notes or bulletins, right at your fingertips. Personalize your workspace to suit your personal style and job requirements.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Keep up to date on every aspect of your wireless business with RQ's advanced reporting. Metrics are collected in real time, analyzed, and presented with clarity on store, executive, and productivity dashboards. RQ also provides product forecasting and order suggestions based on sales trends.

HR Features


Save time scheduling staff with baseline scheduling templates and online schedule change requests. Track sick days, requested holidays, and staff availability to easily match your resources with store requirements.



Centralize internal communication through the Intranet to ensure staff are getting the right information in a timely manner. Your staff can use the Intranet to check schedules, the latest promotions and products, and other pertinent business news.



Deliver cost-effective, targeted marketing through a variety of campaign types such as email, direct mail, and telephone. Contact the right clients about upcoming promotions or new product releases.



Record and manage all aspects of each service request. Your staff can track start date, date completed, and hours worked; record parts ordered and shipped; convert to a sales order or invoice when service is completed; and schedule follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction. Easily access and view current service requests or report on loan and service history. Learn more about our cell phone repair shop POS and repair tracking solution.

Let Your Customers Book Online

Powered by Statflo, our online booking system allows your customers to pre-book an appointment online to activate or upgrade their desired service. With a direct integration into RQ, all information flows from the website into the POS automatically, ensuring your staff know when to expect a customer and the service they are requesting.

Integrated Solutions

Integrated Wireless POS Software Solutions

We've built in a lot but we didn't stop there. To amp up even more functionality, we've partnered with wireless industry leaders to make sure you're covered in every direction.

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Why Bluegrass Cellular Chose RQ Retail Management

Bluegrass is leveraging RQ to help them grow in 3 ways:

  1. Creating customer experiences specific to particular locations or regions
  2. Becoming better business owners by harnessing the power of data and reporting
  3. Engaging employees with easy-to-navigate tools that are designed to make them feel comfortable


Handbook for
Wireless Dealers

Success in the highly-competitive wireless retail business happens by design, not by accident. Find out how these 8 essential steps will increase profits and allow you to stay competitive

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