iQmetrix Co-Hosts the VFS Quarterly Design Slam

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Date: April 182012

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VFS Digital Design had the pleasure recently of teaming up with iQmetrix to hold our Quarterly Design SLAM. Founded in 1999, iQmetrix is the leading provider of retail management solutions for the North American wireless industry. They strive to create the ultimate retail experience for the consumer, the employee and the business. Many of the experiences they deliver include cutting edge technologies, such as the Microsoft Surface.

For this SLAM, students were challenged to conceptualize a retail experience for one of the following verticals: Hardware, Technical Clothing, or Footwear. The theme was transformation, and students embraced the idea of becoming transformers.

With only 8 hrs to research, conceptualize and prototype, students had to create a pitch and present it to a panel of iQmetrix design and business leaders. This included describing their process, approach (big idea), the opportunities, key design decisions, and business and target audience considerations.

The day was an amazing success. iQmetrix was astonished with how quickly students could conceptualize experiences and create compelling pitches. Additionally, it provided some fresh thinking and collaborative learning between iQmetrix and the Digital Design student body, all while also providing a unique opportunity for students to explore emerging touch technologies.

Slam days are always about bragging rights! Six teams battled it out for awards in four categories. The teams were judged by a panel of VFS instructors and iQmetrix employees, including DD18 Graduate Cherie Korol. Congratulations to the following teams for their outstanding efforts during this slam putting together some amazing pitches: Team Jazz, Team Bumblebee and Team Ironhide.

Here’s how the awards break down:

  • People’s Choice Award” (The largest crowd pleaser) : Team Jazz
  • More than Meets the Eye” (Teams understanding of the device) : Team Ironhide
  • Putting it All Together” (How teams bridged traditional & virtual experiences) : Team Bumblebee
  • On the Mark” (How teams integrated products into the retail environment) : Team Jazz