Interactive Retail Platform from iQmetrix transforms shopping experience for wireless consumers

ORLANDO, March 21, 2011 – iQmetrix announces XQ Interactive Retail, its revolutionary new digital media solution, at CTIA 2011 in Orlando, March 22-24.

XQ transforms the retail space with a suite of dynamic digital media solutions that entertain, educate and guide shoppers through the process of buying a mobile device. XQ technology bridges the gap between online and brick-and-mortar shopping. Displaying a continuous flow of interactive media, XQ brings the store to life and pulls customers in with eye-catching content. Once in store, customers can use XQ to browse product catalogs to select a device, a rate plan, features, add-on accessories and promotions.

Today’s wireless customer is looking for a new way to shop. Consumers are seeking an experience that offers all the convenience and information of online shopping, but also provides the ability to touch and try a product in-store1. By giving shoppers everything they’re looking for – engagement, convenience and information to identify the device and price they want2 – XQ truly creates the ultimate customer experience.

Online and mobile technologies have changed the way people shop, and the wireless industry is at the center of this shift, which is why we’re excited to launch XQ Interactive Retail at CTIA,” says Christopher Krywulak, President and CEO of iQmetrix. Retailers have told us they are excited to use XQ to deliver an experience beyond their customer’s expectations.”

XQ also gives wireless retailers a distinct competitive advantage. XQ integrates directly with RQ4, iQmetrix’s industry leading retail management system, allowing retailers to customize the experience of each shopper, which maximizes use of customer profile information, purchasing history, inventory data and more.

The hassle of sourcing and creating content is eliminated with iQ Catalog, also integrated with the XQ suite. Content such as product images and videos, rate plans and product prices are aggregated from a variety of trusted industry sources, including carriers, manufacturers, distributors and partners. Retailers also have the ability to upload their own unique content.

We can’t wait to offer the XQ Interactive Retail experience to our customers,” says Ajay Bhumitra, President of Arjay Wireless, a 33-location dealer based in Long Island, N.Y. Shopping for a new phone can be complicated, so breaking down the shopping sequence with a familiar online interface’ in the physical store makes it a lot easier for us to sell product. And since XQ is integrated with RQ4, we can really leverage both solutions to improve our all aspects of our retail business, from the back to the front of the house.”

iQmetrix has combined the back-end operations of RQ4 with the front-end customer experience of XQ to once again make a dramatic impact on the North American wireless retail landscape.

To learn more about XQ Interactive Retail, visit, e-mail XQ@​iQmetrix.​com or call 1-866-iQmetrix (4763874). Visit us at CTIA Booth #4237 for a complete tour of the XQ Interactive Retail experience!

1. Accenture Survey: Smartphones Changing Customer-Retailer Relationship (December 2010)
2. IBM Survey: Capitalizing on the Smarter Consumer (December 2010)

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