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Mobile POS

A mobile-first approach is a customer-first approach. Increase revenue and exceed customer expectations by taking your POS and your store mobile with RQmobile.

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iQmetrix Mobile POS

Transform the shopping experience

When your store layout is centered around your customer instead of a workstation, you exceed expectations and provide a better overall customer experience. By taking the transaction to the customer with a mobile point of sale system you’ll complete sales faster, reduce walkouts, and increase revenue.

What are the advantages of RQmobile mpos?


Increase revenue by completing sales faster

No one likes to see a customer walk out because they don’t have time to wait in line. Prevent the dreaded walk-out with RQmobile mpos and help increase revenue by completing sales faster and on the spot.

Enhance the customer experience

Your customers don’t want to feel like they’re a transaction. With a mobile pos solution remove physical barriers caused by workstations so you can sit down and center the experience around your customer.

Save money with mobile

Decrease expenses and store setup costs up to 50% by switching from desktop setups to tablet devices that enable POS sharing across multiple payment devices.

Mobile POS
What are RQmobile mpos key features?

Lightweight, Yet Feature Heavy

With RQmobile mpos, you don’t have to compromise on POS functionality. You can access all the features you need on the sales floor to help customers, process transactions, and check inventory counts, all without disrupting their path to purchase.

Point of Sale

Whether you’re completing a sale or a refund, the transaction flow on a mobile pos system is the same as on a stationary terminal. The difference? You reduce the wait time customers experience when all workstations are busy.

Carrier and Partner Integrations

Complete phone activations, add Dropship products to an open invoice, process trade-ins, add warranty for customers, plus so much more.

Fast Inventory Counts

Complete reliable inventory counts from any mobile retail POS system with no manual counting. RQmobile retail mobile pos system allows you to scan and categorize your inventory, so you can count faster and reduce human error.


It’s not just a POS. RQmobile is set up with intuitive dashboard widgets that instantly populate with all the retail info you need. Quickly check on performance targets, punch in and more.




Clients with predominately RQmobile workstations make an average of $10 more per transaction due to accessory sales.



Winner of
2019 Mobile App Innovation of the Year

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