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Visual Merchandising Techniques That Drive In-Store Traffic

Jun 20,2018 — Marty Yaskowich

Contrary to the buzz about e-commerce replacing brick-and-mortar, getting consumers in the doors of physical retail locations remains crucial to brands' success.

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How Wireless Retailers Can Compensate for Seasonal Lulls

Jun 11,2018 — Beth Wanner

All retail businesses are susceptible to seasonal peaks and lulls. Exactly when businesses experience these highs and lows is dependent upon factors like the business’s location and product category—after all, winter coats will of course be more popular during the winter season, and this season occurs at different times of the year around the world—but for wireless retailers everywhere, November and December are undeniably the best months for business. Approximately 30% of all the electronics sold annually in the U.S. are purchased between Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays, with Apple alone selling more than 77 million iPhones in the just last quarter of 2017. ‘Tis truly the season to be a wireless retailer.

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5 Local Marketing Ideals Retailers Can Try on a Budget

Jan 10,2018 — Jessica Thiefels

Being a small, local retailer is both good and challenging. It’s good because it means that you have a built-in community of potential shoppers, whether they’re walking by your store or seeing you in person at the local pharmacy. The challenge is, without a corporation behind you, you likely have a small budget to attract new shoppers with marketing.

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How To Market The iPhone X (When Everyone Else is Doing it Too)

Nov 13,2017 — Brayden Gervan

Wireless retailers have grown used to rolling out a new marketing campaign each fall trumpeting the release of the newest iPhone. Usually, many wireless retailers would find this process fairly routine—the massive popularity of Apple products means the iPhone more or less sells itself.

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5 Ways Wireless Retailers Can Respond to the New iPhone Releases

Nov 08,2017 — Channing Kochylema

In an unprecedented move, Apple has announced three new iPhones simultaneously—the iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, and the highly-anticipated iPhone X. The iPhone is one of the few products that sparks interest and sales simply with its announcement—but this influx of new phones on the market leaves wireless retailers in a precarious position. How do retailers market the new iPhones when everyone else is marketing it, too?

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5 Tips to Get More Customers to Your Cellphone Store

Aug 09,2017 — Tanya Floer

With the surge towards online shopping, is the end near for traditional wireless retail space? 

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4 Reasons You Need to Include Digital Signage in Your Store Today

Jun 26,2017 — Madison Dufault

With the onslaught of in-store technology, it’s not a surprise that one of the oldest components of the store is getting an upgrade. In-store advertising no longer just entails paper signage. With a variety of benefits, more and more wireless retailers are choosing to incorporate digital signage into their store experience. Here are 4 reasons you need to include digital signage in your store today.

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How Omnichannel Marketing Strategies Make Up for Decreased Foot Traffic

Jun 14,2017 — Marty Yaskowich

Wireless retailers faced with declining foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar stores can implement omnichannel marketing strategies to remedy the problem.

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Endless Aisle vs. E-Commerce In-Store: A Digital Showdown

Jun 12,2017 — Megan Howse

In one of our recent blogs, What is Endless Aisle? Two Important, But Very Different, Definitions we discussed the difference between endless aisle as fulfillment and endless aisle as an interactive kiosk.

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How Authorized Wireless Dealers Can Leverage Instagram

Jun 12,2017 — Lana Chunn
Ahh, Instagram. It’s the great bragging network – where you can show off your latest DIY creation, fancy meal, #blessed photo, gym selfie, animal pic… and wireless brand story.
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3 Simple Steps to Build Your Omnichannel Presence

May 25,2017 — James Westgate

Omnichannel retail strategies unite online and offline channels to deliver a unified shopping experience to customers. Today’s consumers no longer shop only in-store or online. Instead, they fluidly switch from one channel to another, expecting a seamless brand experience across brick-and-mortar, mobile, desktop, print, and more.

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When Should You Update Your Omnichannel Strategy?

May 24,2017 — Marty Yaskowich

Anyone in omnichannel roles—such as chief omnichannel officer or director of omnichannel—needs to pay attention to feedback to ensure they know when to update their omnichannel strategies.

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How Interactive Tools Improve the Retail Experience

May 17,2017 — Marty Yaskowich

In order to ensure customers will complete their consumer journeys, companies need to provide a quality retail experience. Now that the world revolves around technology and sharing, the encounters consumers want with brands are more personal than ever.

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