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The Right Device: Five Things to Consider Before You Buy Payment Hardware

Mar 20,2018 — Margeaux Girardin

EMV: three years ago, those letters, and a lot of technology expense, turned the U.S. payments landscape on its head. Now, with 100% of U.S. consumers scheduled to receive chip-cards by the end of 2020, combined with 75% of SMB U.S. merchants having already implemented chip-capable terminals [US Payments Forum], EMV has finally become the accepted payment standard across the U.S. But this post isn’t about the importance of EMV security or the additional protections that the technology offers.

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Dispelling the Most Common EMV Misconceptions

Mar 14,2018 — Margeaux Girardin

Between July 2015 and June 2016, only 7% of all U.S. card-based transactions involved an EMV card. Over the next 12 months, this figure climbed to more than 31%.

These figures suggest is that although EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) cards have become ubiquitous in a short amount of time, there are still widespread misconceptions about what they offer. These misconceptions can cause headaches for retailers, as a customer’s unwillingness to adopt the technology means they need to maintain two separate payment systems.

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PCI 101: How Streamlining Security Can Cut Business Costs

Feb 21,2018 — Margeaux Girardin

There are a lot of acronyms in the payments industry: EMV, MSP, POS, and—of course—PCI DSS.

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What the Elimination of the Signature Requirement Means for Merchants

Feb 09,2018 — Margeaux Girardin

Over the past few months, four of the major card brands announced that they are eliminating the signature requirement for EMV transactions. This change will come into effect for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express in April 2018, at which point merchants will be able to choose whether or not to collect signatures for point-of-sale purchases.

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Selling Technology by Befriending Your Customers

Jan 17,2018 — Tabitha Creighton, SVP of iQmetrix Payment Solutions

Senior Vice President of iQmetrix Payment Solutions, Tabitha Creighton (pictured), reflects on the key takeaways from CES 2018.

At this year’s CES, I had the pleasure of speaking with Robin Raskin at the High-Tech Retailing Summit. In our fireside chat, I outlined some of the key trends for selling technology with technology.

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[Vlog] Wireless for the Holidays

Dec 21,2017 — Brayden Gervan

You've almost made it through the busiest retail season of the year. It's time to celebrate!

On Retail Management, on Digital Signage, on Endless Aisle and Dropship, iQmetrix is happy to support your wireless business through every sale. Whatever your business needs, we have you covered — even during the holidays. Don't believe us? Watch our video blog and see for yourself!

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4 Top Wireless Payment Trends for 2018

Dec 06,2017 — Margeaux Girardin

Wireless payments are quickly rising in popularity, and since you probably have a mobile phone within reach right now, it's easy to see why. The smartphone has quickly become the go-to device for anything and everything. Now that smartphones integrate so many smart features into the fabric of everyday life, it's only natural to expect them to handle wireless payments as well. Mobile payments are helping to simplify the retail experience by making the buyer journey as seamless and easy as possible.

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Post-Game Analysis: What Black Friday Means for the Future of Retail

Dec 01,2017 — Catherine Van Reenen

As one of the biggest shopping events of the year, the stretch between Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday serves as a microcosm of the entire retail industry. The massive transaction volumes over this period amplify existing consumer trends and can tell us much about the future of retail. Let’s look at the 2017 Black Friday metrics and trends to see how retailers can use them to their advantage moving forward.


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3 Tips for a Smooth Transition to EMV Chip Card Terminals

Nov 17,2017 — Catherine Van Reenen

The latest stats on EMV bring us good news about U.S. merchant chip card acceptance. The U.S. Payments Forum Fall 2017 Snapshot reports that 96% of the top 200 merchants are now fully EMV enabled and between 70 and 80% of small-and-medium-sized businesses are accepting chip-on-chip payments.

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5 Ways Mobile Payments Can Improve Your Wireless Store

Oct 30,2017 — Margeaux Girardin

As a wireless retailer, you know that people rely on their smartphones for everything—from booking appointments and sending emails, to making calls and taking photos. And now consumers also use their smartphones to make payments. The rise of digital wallets and other mobile payment options has changed the retail environment dramatically—and it's in retailers' best interest to learn how to incorporate these payment options into their stores. In fact, a recent report from Juniper Research found that by 2021, smartphone and tablet-based mobile transaction systems will account for more than one-third of all POS systems, and process 20% of all retail transactions.

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The SMARTest Terminals Around: 5 Ways EMV Payments are Superior

Oct 25,2017 — Catherine Van Reenen

The most recent report from the U.S. Global Payments Forum shows merchant acceptance of chip cards is on the rise—and if you know a thing or two about EMV payment terminals, it’s easy to see why. EMV terminals are nothing like their magstripe predecessors; they’re S-M-A-R-T!

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Happy Second Anniversary, EMV Liability Shift: The State of EMV in U.S. Retail

Sep 20,2017 — Catherine Van Reenen

The 2015 EMV liability shift was implemented nearly two years ago, and a lot has changed in the world of retail since then. With all of these industry updates now taking hold, it's the perfect time to review the current state of EMV in the U.S. market.

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7 Benefits of Having a Modern Payment System in Your Corner

Aug 22,2017 — Margeaux Girardin

What is a Modern Payment System?

A modern payment system directly integrates to your point of sale and delivers a robust payment experience for both merchant and customer. It connects merchants to a total payment ecosystem, from merchant services to remote terminal solutions, to hardware procurement.

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