Reporting and Branding: The Payments Dream Team

Keeping track of your expensive terminal investment can be tricky. It takes a special talent to organize your terminals, to understand which are active and which haven’t been set up yet, or to analyze devices to know which is a top performer.

With a larger focus on essential business reports like transaction, inventory, or commissions, reporting on your terminal devices might not be top of mind. What’s more, generating a real-time list of your terminals at the drop of a hat — all to satisfy important PCI requirements — is just downright unrealistic for merchants with many locations and many, many terminals.

Thankfully, a simpler solution is here. Terminal Reporting lets you view and export real-time device data with ease and also provides immense benefit to your business. Let’s explore how!

High-Level Insight Across Your Terminal Fleet

Terminal Reporting allows you to view important fleet information including serial numbers, location, firmware load, debit KSN info, and everything in between.

Reporting- terminal list

Simple Terminal Filtering to Find What You Need

Your terminal list can be filtered to pinpoint the exact location, region, or company-wise terminals to better analyze terminal performance in stores.

Reporting- location filter

Generate a Comprehensive Excel Sheet of Your Data

Hitting the export button on the top of the screen will satisfy your PCI compliance requirement as it generates a complete export of your terminal information that you can then upload along with your SAQ documentation. It’s compliance made easy!

Explore Important Terminal Details on Each Device

Terminal Reporting provides more than just high-level data from your entire fleet, it also lets you drill down into the details and view important information of a single device including payment method breakdown, latest transaction date and time, total sales processed through that device, and so much more.

reporting- transaction details

The perfect pairing for these many Terminal Reporting benefits is Terminal Branding. This functionality enables the user to create and upload their own branded screens that can then be deployed across their entire fleet, letting you enhance the look of your terminals and keep the attention of the paying customer. Include up-to-date promotions for more awareness, highlight new or featured product lines, showcase current marketing initiatives customers should know, or let shoppers see your tried and true branded content, reinforcing your business into the mind of the consumer.

Terminal reporting helps you stay on top of your expensive fleet, making sure your business runs security and smooth, making the most of these payment devices.

Learn all about the incredible value provided by terminal solutions and how your business can reap the benefits at an unbeatable price. It pays to use the right tools!