Hasta, La Vista: Saying Goodbye to Inefficient Terminals

Retailers are in the middle of the busiest time of the year — the holidays. From Black Friday all the way to New Year’s Eve, shoppers are crowding your store to find the perfect gift for family, friends, or for themselves. This means your staff are processing a higher-than-usual number of transactions every day and payment processing that doesn’t streamline the in-store experience has no place in your business. 

Will They Be Back?

With the in-store traffic on the rise, now is the time to create a great experience for shoppers — and payments solutions can be the difference to making customers want to return to your store even after all holiday purchases are made.

The sheer volume of transactions puts your tools to the test, and without the proper reporting or analytics, how can you be sure that they’re working at their top capacity? The ability to track these unusually high transaction numbers is incredibly important for many reasons — traffic predictions, appropriate staffing, accurate inventory stocked, and so much more — and it all starts with an optimized payment terminal fleet, and that starts with Terminal Solutions.

So, What are Terminal Solutions?

More than just taking a payment and processing a transaction, your payment devices can be a tool used to create a great customer experience and streamline back-end processes. Terminal Solutions are comprised of three features: Terminal Sharing, Terminal Reporting, and Terminal Branding. A game-changer on their own, the combination of these three terminal add-ons ensures you’re making the most of your payment hardware.

Let’s Talk Benefits

While we know that optimized terminals aren’t the most exciting topic, having your fleet optimized can mean big savings and an even bigger customer impact. With Terminal Solutions from iQmetrix, you have the ability to:

  • Share devices across any of our certified EMV payment terminals, including mobile devices and any desktop or tablet workstation.
  • View all device data from one central spot, including their latest software configuration, serial number, transaction history, trends, and much more.
  • Save on hardware costs by removing your dependency on a 1-to-1 device to workstation ratio.
  • Improve the checkout process by ensuring your customers never wait in line to pay
  • Deploy on-brand payment prompt screens and enhance your idle terminal display with custom promotional screens.
  • Easily queue up new promotional screens ensuring your terminals are always on-message. Screens can be added to one location, a region or your entire operation.

…and so much more.

Enter the Future of Terminals

Gone are the days when a payment terminal device only successfully completed a transaction. Terminal Solutions enables you to put your money to work — one-time terminal purchases become payment powerhouses.

Interested? Well, you’re in luck! For a limited time this holiday season, the payments specialists at iQmetrix are offering a free terminal assessment. What is a terminal assessment you ask? Your free terminal assessment will provide you with insight into detailed reporting on your terminal fleets, including:

  • Total Transactions Over X Period of Time
  • Total Transactions Approved
  • Total Transactions Declined
  • Count of Payment Entry Type (ie. Chip, Swiped, Contactless, Manual Entry, Swiped)
  • Count of Payment Type (ie. Credit, Debit)
  • Total Sales

With an understanding of where your fleet measures up, you can take actionable steps to improve in the new year. iQmetrix Terminal Reporting is essential for providing you with what you need to ensure your terminal fleet is optimized. This function includes:

  • Device Agnostic: Capture all device data in your operations no matter the make or model.
  • Troubleshoot With Ease: Identify problem devices by filtering your device list by region, location, or active vs. non-active and view KSN and firmware information.
  • PCI Compliant: Maintain DSS 9.9.1 PCI compliance by easily exporting an up-to-date list of your terminal inventory from our online Hub platform.

If that’s not enough, Terminal Reporting is only one of three pillars in the Terminal Solutions suite. Built exclusively for your retail business, we’ve designed custom terminal features to help you take your terminal fleet to the next level. Terminal Sharing enables you to share one device to multiple workstations to save hundreds of dollars on software. Terminal Branding lets you enhance the look of your terminals with promotional welcome screens and branded payment screens. It’s everything you need to get your message to the shopper and provide an effortless payment experience for both the shopper and your staff.

With all the benefits of modernized and optimized payments, why wait until the New Year! Get your free assessment and see how you can maximize your fleet during the holidays.

Shutterstock / Andrey Burstein