Using iQmetrix End-to-End Encryption to Simplify PCI DSS Compliance

Payment standards are constantly changing, and traditional integrated payment systems are expensive and difficult to secure. Wireless retailers require robust systems that not only meet their PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) obligations, but also help to reduce risks and simplify operational and compliance costs.

The iQmetrix End-to-End-Encryption solution eliminates access to cardholder data in the merchant environment which reduces scope for PCI compliance and opportunities for fraud.

But don’t just take our word for it. We engaged Control Gap to test and validate our iQmetrix E2EE solution to show how we keep consumer data secure for our retailers.

Whether you’re a wireless retail merchant considering payment solutions or have questions about using iQmetrix’s end-to-end encrypting payment terminals, this whitepaper will cover:

  • How this solution was tested to confirm that other merchant systems were not brought into scope

  • High level responsibilities of merchants, assessors, and iQmetrix

  • The end-to-end flow of cardholder and sensitive authentication data

Plus, you’ll get a detailed understanding of our solution, its compliance footprint, and summaries of actual tests conducted by a qualified third party.

Want more? Find out how you can reduce your PCI scope with iQmetrix.