XQ Interactive Retail Transforms the In-Store Experience with Applications that Engage, Educate and Guide Shoppers Through the Buying Process

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Published in: Digital Signage Connection

Date: January 192012

iQmetrix recently announced the successful launch of XQ Interactive Retail, now featured on more than 540 screens in nearly 100 stores across North America.

XQ Interactive Retail is a series of applications that bring the online experience in-store, facilitating sales, and streamlining marketing efforts.

Since the fall of 2011, nearly 100 retail stores across Canada and the United States have utilized XQ’s comprehensive and intuitive software, integrated with the newest multi-media and touchscreen technology.

XQ includes a rich content library that displays product images, specs and other product information, virtually guiding the shopper through the process of making a purchase. Another cost-effective feature of XQ is the delivery of consistent messaging and promotions across all locations. Retailers can do away with costly marketing promotions that tend to grow stale as posters and brochures become outdated, saving thousands of dollars in revenue.
From mall properties, to stand-alone retailers, customers are seeing a decrease in walkouts, an increase in return visits and profit per invoice, said the company.

Store owners and employees alike have reported that the eye-catching displays, interactive touch screens and engaging interface bring a significant return on investment (ROI) through increased brand loyalty, store sales and customer satisfaction.

Early launch customers have thus far been in the wireless industry and include: Planet Cellular, American Cellular in Tennessee, American Cellular in Ohio, Mid-America Wireless, Cellular Only, Cellular Communications Inc., Cellular Plus, The Wireless Experience and Go USA Wireless. iQmetrix’s long range goals include the implementation of XQ Interactive Retail in other vertical markets.

By enabling customers to browse in an interactive environment, XQ Interactive Retail gives shoppers an exciting, satisfying and efficient experience,” said Christopher Krywulak, CEO, iQmetrix, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. We’re thrilled with the ROI and customer loyalty stats our early adopter customers have shared with us so far and we look forward to creating more great customer experiences throughout 2012.”

We’ve seen an increase in traffic and browsing in just 45 days since our store started using XQ Interactive Retail,” said David Anderson, systems manager, American Cellular, Inc. Customers are more informed and confident, stay in the store longer, and we’re confident XQ Interactive Retail will help us increase sales and customer service. We have plans to deploy XQ in several more stores.”