2012 Deloitte Retail Study: The rise of the connected consumer

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Date: May 302012

Published by: Deloitte


Deloitte and the Retail Council of Canada (RCC) interviewed BC and Alberta retailers to gain insight into how they’re using eCommerce, mobile commerce and social media to respond to changing demands from their customers.

Take a look at the results of our 2012 retail study to learn more about the rise of the connected consumer and what this means for your business.

Excerpt (p. 20):

Observing the entire experience

According to iQmetrix, a company that develops products that bridge the gap between physical and virtual retail channels, the four main stages of the shopping experience are:

1. Attracting the consumer
2. Engaging and educating
3. Purchasing
4. Loyalty

There are ways in which a retailer can interactively engage with the consumer inside the store at many of the shopping experience stages. What consumers are doing online or on their mobile device can also be done in your store. There is a way to create a one-stop-shop solution in-store by linking to your eCommerce solution, mobile apps, and mobile site and have it all managed centrally and be able to report holistically. To be able to report collectively means that you are on the same page as the consumers, you and the consumer are thinking about the shopping experience as one experience, and you are following the entire consumer pathway,” says Anne Forkutza, User Experience Lead – Interactive Retail at iQmetrix. Consumers like being in a store for the social aspect of shopping, so it is a matter of bringing both worlds together.

By equipping stores with interactive media, a retailer provides an environment where consumers can do what they would do on their computer or on their phone, right there in the store. Software can also educate consumers, guide them through choices, and make it easier for sales associates to up-sell and cross- sell, making the shopping experience more engaging and fun. The goal of a retailer should be to create a holistic experience where all the elements work together to create a great experience for the end consumer.

Technology also plays a role in supporting associates with sales and service, as meeting the demands of an increasingly fickle consumer can require careful integration of consumer and product data. Ideally, information is aggregated across sales channels to capture the consumer’s full profile and purchasing history. Easy access to detailed consumer information can better equip sales associates to be informed and to provide a customized experience.