Wireless Retailer Prime Communications Selects DigitalPersona and iQmetrix to Significantly Decrease Payroll Fraud

U.are.U Fingerprint Authentication Reduces Labor Costs and Improves IT Security

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - DigitalPersona, Inc., a global provider of authentication and endpoint protection solutions, today announced that Prime Communications (Prime), a national wireless retailer, has deployed U.are.U® fingerprint authentication to significantly reduce payroll fraud. Prime uses U.are.U in conjunction with RQ4 retail management software from iQmetrix. The combined solution provides more accurate accounting of employee time and attendance at Prime’s 235 retail locations, reducing labor costs and improving store operations.

Prime Communications employs more than 900 people in 12 states. As the company rolled out the RQ4 solution from iQmetrix, Prime sought to reduce payroll fraud by deploying a biometric fingerprint solution for employee log-in and time clock punch-in. Prime required a solution that was highly durable given the rough environment of retail stores. 

The combined DigitalPersona® and iQmetrix solution enables us to drive down our labor costs by reducing buddy-punching,” said Brennan Salassi, IT Manager of Prime Communications. The U.are.U solution has proven very rugged and reliable. The devices are quick to recognize fingerprint scans, and we have a near zero failure rate for the devices.”

iQmetrix’s flagship product RQ4 is fully-integrated software that enables wireless retailers such as Prime Communications to effectively manage POS, CRM, inventory, accounting, intranet and eCommerce. With U.are.U biometric authentication, RQ4 logs users into the system without the need to type passwords. U.are.U fingerprint authentication solutions provide wireless retailers with increased accountability by tying each transaction to the individual who processed it. The U.are.U fingerprint readers are designed for applications that require a high level of both durability and accuracy. 

Maintaining accurate employee time logs and strong information security is challenging in the distributed retail environment,” said Christopher Krywulak, president and CEO of iQmetrix. RQ4 with U.are.U fingerprint biometrics prevents employees from clocking in for each other, allowing retailers to drastically reduce time and attendance fraud”.

In the financially challenging markets such as wireless, retailers are looking for ways to become more efficient and reduce costs,” said Jim Fulton, vice president of marketing at DigitalPersona. One-touch biometric authentication is becoming a must-have technology for retail POS solutions. Customers such as Prime often see up to a six percent decrease in total labor costs with the integration of biometric technology such as U.are.U.”

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