The Next Generation Of Retail Spaces – Keeping Up With The New Consumer

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Published in: Integrated Solutions For Retailers

Date: April 22012

For retailers, the future of shopping is here and many are scrambling just to keep up. Ushered in by the onslaught of mobility, social media, and online commerce, the rampant consumerization of IT is creating a power shift from associate to shopper.

The quote above from Steven Skinner of the Harvard Business Review lays out how brick and mortar retail stores must reimagine themselves in today’s age of online shopping.

An arms race in the retail industry is underway as the proliferation of e-commerce, mobile apps and social networking creates a brave new world of consumerism. Brickand-mortar retailers, aware of online shopping’s potential threat to their bottom lines, must address (and in some cases appropriate) the benefits of online shopping to suit their own business models.

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