iQmetrix: Shaping the in-store shopping experience

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Date: Aug. 12014

Published in: Saskatchewan NOW! magazine, published by the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy

[Below is an excerpt of the full article, seen here (p. 4-5).]

By Dave Yanko

A company founded in Regina to create software for mobile phone retailers is parlaying its success into a new venture that takes elements of the online shopping experience into brick-and-mortar retail stores.

Prior to this, we were really just enabling retailers to create a better consumer experience via our back-end software, things like activating a new cell phone in the store,” says Allan Pulga, communications manager for iQmetrix. Now we’re also helping to shape the in-store shopping experience.”

iQmetrix’s flagship software and core business is RQ, a back-end retail management solution that helps independent wireless retailers simplify business transactions and functions. It’s a very popular product in North America, says Scott McGillivray, the company’s chief strategy officer. McGillivray says the firm’s new XQ Interactive Retail system is a front-end solution that mirrors much of the online shopping experience and can be used by a broader range of retailers. Sellers of golf gear, home appliances, high-end sporting goods, power tools and other complex” products -- which often require a perusal of detailed specs and high-resolution images -- all could benefit from the XQ suite of applications, he says.