CTIA 2013: iQmetrix Adds New Tools for Retailers

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Date: May 212013

Published on: Marketnews.ca

By Christine Persaud

iQmetrix, a retail management and customer experience technology company, has added several new features to its in-store offerings at CTIA 2013, including an option for browsing on the iPad, and mobile payment acceptance.

Our theme for CTIA 2013 is Rethink Retail: Connecting with Today’s Consumer,’ ” says Christopher Krywulak , iQmetrix President and CEO. Today’s consumers are seeking a faster, more convenient shopping experience and our XQ and RQ solutions bring new technology into the store to help deliver the experience they’re looking for.”

The XQ Browse for iPad app provides both store staff and shoppers with on-demand product information via a self-service touchscreen. Employees can also use it as an in-store mobile sales tool, or as a mobile digital catalog for B2B sales reps.

RQ4 now also accepts payments through the ISIS Mobile Wallet, a new NFC-based payment system. ISIS is supported by three of the four major U.S. carriers: Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. There’s no word yet of support in Canada.

The company is known for providing comprehensive metrics to retail stores, in terms of sales, customer interactions, and product popularity. With the new XQ metrics, stores will get further insight into how consumers are interacting with XQ touchscreen displays in their stores. Clients can track touch traffic over time, and even compare performance of different content across stores and displays.

Chatterspot is a new RQ4-integrated partner, which will soon see the company’s customer loyalty and marketing automation software be integrated with RQ4. This new integration will allow clients to use RQ4 CRM data to better manage customer relationships and personalize marketing messages via text and e-mail.

Finally, the company is adding fully customizable and scalable metrics tools that can quickly analyze patterns and trends, answer critical questions, and help retailers make well-informed business decisions.

2013 is an exciting year for our company and we’re looking forward to showing CTIA attendees the breadth and versatility of our product lineup,” Krywulak adds.

Photo caption: Christopher Krywulak , iQmetrix President and CEO, poses at a previous CTIA event