DigitalPersona and RQ help Connectivity Source Reduce Payroll Fraud, Cut OT Costs by 75%

DigitalPersona announced today that one of its clients, Connectivity Source, reduced time-and-attendance fraud by as much as 75 percent using DigitalPersona U.are.U fingerprint scanners paired with iQmetrix’s RQ4 retail management software.

Connectivity Source has also gained greater insight into the average revenue per employee, reduced time spent on monthly payroll audits and improved staff planning,” said DigitalPersona in a release.

Connectivity Source is a Master Agent with more than 30 stores throughout Texas and Louisiana. The company faced payroll fraud and workforce management issues so severe that, at one point, 90 percent of its POS staff had logged in more hours worked that had been scheduled. At least 50 percent of all payroll logins (punches) per pay period had to be revised, creating both a financial and human resources strain on the company,” said the release.

Connectivity Source determined that employees were buddy punching,’ sharing login passwords in order to punch in or out’ for a fellow worker.” To elminate this problem, the company added DigitalPersona’s fingerprint scanners to its existing RQ4 system.

Since deploying U.are.U fingerprint readers, we have seen payroll fraud drop significantly,” said Sarah Cuartas, Connectivity Source’s director of operations. We have also found that the data provided by the fingerprint readers makes productivity easier to track, allowing us to better forecast how much staff are needed to cover daily customer traffic.”

According to the release, Connectivity Source saw an immediate return on investment, realizing a 75 percent reduction in overtime expenses due to payroll fraud and a dramatic drop in time-clock revisions to only a couple each pay period.


Biometric Authentication in RQ

iQmetrix, in partnership with Digital Persona, is proud to offer Biometric Authentication in RQ. Exclusively compatible with DigitalPersona fingerprint scanners, iQmetrix offers clients the ability to maximize security and increase accountability through fingerprint authentication in RQ.

The easy to use fingerprint scanners allow for easy setup in RQ. Register individual employees’ biometric identity in four easy steps

  1. In the Employee console, double click on the employee you wish to configure.
  2. From the employee profile screen, click the Fingerprint button.
  3. Have the employee place his/​her finger on the fingerprint scanner and click the Fingerprint” button corresponding to that finger to perform the scan. Entered” will be displayed in the Status field if the scan was successful.
  4. Click Finish and Save Changes.

Once installed, the fingerprint scanner logs users into RQ without the need for passwords -- it captures the fingerprint image and identifies unique fingerprint features. It then relays the unique information to RQ, compares it to all registered fingerprints in the system and identifies the unique biometric identity to ensure that users can only log in as themselves. This process eliminates buddy punching,” maximizes security and increases accountability.

iQmetrix biometrics solution can be used with both RQ log in and payroll punch in functionality. Security Settings control whether employees have the option to log/​punch in via fingerprint only, or via fingerprint/​typed password.

If you are interested in Biometrics or purchasing fingerprint scanners, please call 1.888.888.8170 or e-mail support@​iQmetrix.​com.