Introducing: iQmetrix Inside Sales

iQmetrix has created a new department called Inside Sales, consisting of two enthusiastic sales reps: Pete Fourlas and Sean Anderson.

I sat down with Pete and Sean to get the ins and outs of this new department and what it offers our clients.

What is Inside Sales and what is the origin of this new department?

Pete (in below photo): Inside Sales is a department that iQmetrix created in response to customer feedback. Often we hear from clients that they are unsure of exactly what we offer through RQ.


Inside Sales was put in place to establish relationships with our clients, keep them in tune with our integrated solutions and partners, and of course assist them in putting new products in place that will help them become more profitable.

What key benefit do you provide to partners and clients?


Sean (in above photo): We give awareness to our clients about partner offerings, help the partner create a relationship with our clients and also make our clients aware of additional revenue opportunities that are available through our integrated solutions and partners.

What were each of your roles before the creation of the Inside Sales Team?

Sean: I was a CSM and Contract Manager prior to this role.

Pete: Most recently I was a CSM. Previous to that, I initially began selling these Integrated Solutions back on 2005 when they first started rolling out.

A large portion of our role is reaching out to clients (via email and phone) to let them know about our partners or services.Sean Anderson, iQmetrix Inside Sales

How long have you worked and iQmetrix and what are the main reasons you enjoy working here?

Sean: 3.5 years and I enjoy working with such talented people. I am also a huge fan of going to the Summit and other tradeshows to interact with our kick-ass clients.

Pete: Approximately 8 years with a 1 year hiatus in between, if you have met the people that work here and see what we can do for our clients, then you know why it’s an amazing place to go day-to-day.

How often, when engaging with clients, do you already know” them from dealing with them in your previous role(s)? Any fun anecdotes to share about those exchanges?

Sean: I definitely have relationships that have carried over from my previous roles. My name has actually been attached to a bit of bad news as part of my contract manager role so that has created interesting relationships. But all things considered, our clients have been good sports with me.

Pete: Over the years, I have been and hoodwinked by clients and co-workers alike -– far too many stories to even begin going into detail. Definitely some fond memories, though.

We hope to establish great working relationships with each client and deliver value to them with each contact.

How much of the work you do is outbound? Which forms of communication (e.g. phone, email, etc.) do you employ to connect with clients? 

Sean: A large portion of our role is reaching out to clients to let them know about our partners or services. We realize that it isn’t really possible to just contact a client once and go over all of our products in the iQmetrix ecosystem. This means we are trying to focus on one or two partners or products each month. We try and send an email and reach out by phone as follow up.

Pete: We also offer a weekly webinars on Business Intelligence that explain the product as it tends to be one that gets a lot of interest. Setting up demos for partners is another thing that keeps us busy as well.

We hope to establish great working relationships with each client and deliver value to them with each contact.Pete Fourlas, iQmetrix Inside Sales

How much of your work is inviting inbound communication from clients? How can they most easily get in touch with you?

Sean: We strongly encourage our clients to reach out to us. We know they hear about products and partners through a variety of ways. Whenever a question about one of them pops up, we encourage them to give us a call or shoot us an email, so we can help them get all the information they need to make a decision. 

Email us at IntegratedSolutions@​iQmetrix.​com