Watch RQ in Action

Learn how our intelligent retail management and point-of-sale solutions can power your wireless retail business.

Check out this step-by-step video for a comprehensive overview of RQ’s POS and retail management functionalities, including:

  • the Customer and Sales Consoles;
  • the Operations Console;
  • the Inventory Management Console;
  • the Employee Management Console;
  • the Finance Console; and
  • the Reporting Console.


  • How can RQ improve the efficiency and profitability of my business?

    RQ isn’t just a POS, it’s a full retail management system meant to help you run your business. It has multiple modules including sales, inventory, reporting and HR that are intuitive and effective in running your business. We also have a full suite of value-add products and partner integrations to make your life easier. We work with companies that have one location or thousands of locations to help them profit and scale.

  • Is RQ scalable if we add locations or terminals?

    Yes! You can easily add locations and terminals directly in the software whenever you need.

  • Do you offer a transition team from our current system to RQ?

    Yes! We have a dedicated launch team designed to help you transfer information from your existing system into RQ as well as get your team educated on the system. We also have a Support & Community website complete with help documentation including webinars and videos. After launch, you’ll also access to our Support team with any questions and a dedicated Account Manager to ensure you continue to see success.

  • Do you offer 24/7 technical support?

    Yes! Our team is available to you around the clock.

  • Does your software have outages very often?

    We know that having your POS software crash can take down your business, forcing you to turn customers away and experience a major loss in profits. At iQmetrix, our technical strategy is based on stability and scalability with the goal of preventing these business-blocking issues. We have a 99.5% up-time contractually so that your business can too.

  • How does the software system update?

    We’re flexible! You can choose to update your entire database to new versions as they are available or you can update location by location.

  • What is the recommended hardware?

    If you are located in the United States you can find our recommended hardware here and for those in Canada you can find the hardware here. It’s slightly different because processing payments in each country is a bit different.

  • Am I able to process sales on an iPad?

    Yes. Our RQmobile solution is an iOS app allows your team to process sales, perform refunds, view count sheets, inventory lookups, and customer information or even Dropship transactions all on an iPad.

  • Does your system comply with PCI and EMV cards?

    Yes. We are PCI certified and support the latest in EMV security.