What Makes a Customer Loyal to a Wireless Store

When your customer needs a new phone, is it your store they think of? 

When I turn to a retailer, it’s usually because I need a new device or my contract has run out. But if I’m a customer, how do I choose the right store in an overstuarated market? 

The wireless marketplace is highly competitive, and retailers are constantly trying to find every advantage they can to earn the attention, and pocket space, of consumers. And the impact of poor, unreliable customer experiences is huge. A 2018 study from Marketing Dive says 48% of shoppers have left a brand’s website and made a purchase from a competitor because of a poorly personalized experience.”

So, how do wireless retailers stand out to consumers and earn their loyalty? 

What makes a customer loyal to a wireless store?

More importantly, the question business owners should ask themselves is this: how do you reliably create that exceptional experience at every store location and every business touchpoint, from online to in-store?

Here are a few of the reasons I choose to shop at a particular retailer for my device:

  • Selection of devices and accessories —When I purchased my last device, I also picked up a screen protector and a new case. If you don’t have the devices a potential customer wants you aren’t likely to make a sale. Having a varied selection increases the likelihood that you’ll make a sale. I usually walk into the store with a specific phone in mind, and no matter how good the sales associate is, they’re not likely to sway what I want. 
  • Great customer service — Because most wireless retailers carry similar stock, one of the biggest differentiators is having great customer service. The in-store experience is crucial to making an impact and sale. Because the buying cycle can be so long for wireless customers, it’s important to make a big splash anytime a potential customer walks through your door.
  • Ease of check-out process — There is nothing worse than waiting in line for 30-minutes while the people in front of you are getting new phones set up. Watching a sales rep struggle with POS software when setting up a new cellular device can be quite painful. That’s what’s so great about a mobilePOS - you take the transaction (and device setups) to the customer and reduce the wait times (and the walkouts).
  • Perks One 2017 report from Forrester Research found that 72% percent of US online adults belong to at least one loyalty program.” The report goes on to show these programs have a significant influence over where people shop, how much they spend, and what they buy.” You can’t put a price on customer loyalty, you have to earn it. But when you provide your customers with exclusive promotions, you’re telling them that you value their time. Go beyond discounts with these three tips to help you foster and maintain true customer loyalty.

Those are just a few of the reasons why I choose to shop at a specific wireless retailer. What do wireless retail stores do to keep you coming back?

Do you have the right software to keep your customers happy?

Time is money and we all know how long and tedious the sales process for wireless retailers can be. Ensuring you have the retail management solution that can make the process as seamless and quick as possible will show your customers that you care about their time. 

The intuitive and user-friendly design of RQ, our full-suite retail management system (RMS), allows your team to serve customers faster, more effectively, and with greater confidence than ever before.