Customer Loyalty - It’s Not For Sale

You cannot put a price on customer loyalty, you have to earn it. Although loyalty discounts are a piece of the puzzle, they do not conquer complete customer loyalty.

Go beyond discounts with the following three tips to help you foster and maintain true customer loyalty.

1. Build a community around your brand

Communicating your brand’s purpose outside of making money and genuinely connecting with your customers on a personal level is crucial to growing your business and creating loyalty that truly sticks. Consumers are often loyal, not to companies, but to beliefs and incorporating those beliefs into how you conduct business… Will get you bonus points. Whether it be via social media, events in your community or connecting people alike, shared values are by far the largest driver of brand loyalty.

2. Offer a connected experience 

Consumer behavior is shifting and experience is expected to be consistent across all platforms and available everywhere they are. With countless options available, consumer’s expectations increase and if you’re not evolving with your customers to offer them the experience they want, you can soon become obsolete because someone else will.

3. Add a personalized touch 

The one size fits all approach isn’t fitting anymore. It’s essential to create an experience that is both personal and memorable. Personalized experiences are not only memorable, they’re more engaging, entertaining and inspiring for consumers, which ultimately drives satisfaction, sales and loyalty. Brands can utilize recommended items based on what the customer is already buying or suggest products based on previous transactions. This personalized touch is not finished with the sale. Post-purchase follow-up appears as genuine concern for your customer’s needs and can form a connection much deeper than you would think possible.

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