The Future is Mobile: How mPOS Can Transform Your In-store Experience

Mobile technologies are no longer a thing of the future; they’re today’s necessity. Found in the pockets, backpacks, and, briefcases of almost every person on earth, mobile devices are convenient and powerful and have changed the consumer perception of on-the-go tech.

But it seems a lot of retailers haven’t yet fully embraced what it means to be mobile,” despite growing use cases of retailers leveraging its efficiencies.

A static POS workstation can cause long wait-lines for your shoppers and removes the possibility of around-the-store browse-click-and-buy transactions. When retailers ignore the latest in mobile point-of-sale technology, they’re closing the door on next-level customer engagement and the future of wireless retail service. 

Mobile isn’t just for small businesses anymore. Large retailers are embracing the next gen of retail to streamline in-store experiences — and you should be, too. 

Here’s why mPOS is great

Your sales associates

According to Forrester, it is estimated that 86% of all U.S retail sales are still being completed in a brick and mortar store but customer expectations of these stores are changing rapidly. Forrester is estimating that 53% of all purchase decisions are becoming digitally influenced.

Your hard-working employees are on the front lines of shopper satisfaction. Yet, even with their unmatched sales expertise, on a busy day, they’re at the mercy of static workstations, and can’t always process a transaction as instantly as they would like. This means which customers have to wait their turn to pay for their upgrade, new device, or the latest accessory. 

A mPOS takes the transaction out from behind the desk so associates can meet with the customers wherever they are in-store. This ensures:

  • Immediate recall of a customer’s profile

  • Personalized service

  • Lessened stress on employees

  • Line-busting for a more faster, efficient transaction experience

Having the ability to walk around the store and help customers without disrupting a customer’s path to purchase, finish a sale and provide useful product information to the shopper right then and there, and look up customers past invoices and interactions with your company is a powerful tool in delighting customers and meeting their expectations.

The back-of-house

Running the show from behind the curtain, a mobile point-of-sale enables back of house staff to move freely through the store and track inventory and better processes without having to be locked to a desktop. 

mPOS ensure these employees can keep transparent, efficient retail running smoothly under the hood. This means: 

  • Better managed inventory

  • Quick reconciliation

  • Easy access to customer data

Not only that, an mPOS decreases expenses and store setup costs up to 50% by switching from desktop setups to tablet devices that enable POS sharing across multiple payment devices.

Your customers

Picture this: you’re a shopper who has been looking forward to an upgrade to their mobile device. The latest model of their chosen phone has just been released. Buzzing with anticipation, they enter your store. 

But other shoppers have the same idea and the lineup at your desktop workstation is ridiculously long. Frustrated, your customers leave, and your sales associates (and bottom line) miss out.

With a mobile POS, customers experienced a minimized wait time so they can get in, get their device setup (or whatever it is they’re in store for), and get out with little frustration. 

Taking an mPOS to the customer means: 

  • Undisputed customer service

  • Highly-staffed stores without needing desktops

  • Reduced wait times with increased satisfaction

When your store layout is centered around your customer instead of a workstation, you exceed those expectations and provide a better overall customer experience.

Curious to learn more?

Implementing movable solutions means you’re leading the pack when it comes to next-level, personalized customer service. 

Watch our Making Mobile Moves webinar to learn how leveraging a mobile POS strategy can transform your business.