Curbside Pickup with RQmobile

As COVID-19 spreads, wireless retailers are pivoting to provide some normalcy during turbulent times, and curbside pickup is one service that is quickly becoming more and more popular.

For stores that made the tough decision to temporarily close their doors, it offers a way to maintain operations for essential goods; for stores that are staying open, it provides the convenience your consumers are looking for while maintaining the proper safety procedures by lowering the number of people in store.

COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of curbside pickup. And with the right tools, you can easily and effectively implement it.

Below, you’ll find a simple recipe to help your business implement a vital service.


  • RQmobile
  • Wireless payment terminal, such as the Link 2500
  • Strong Wi-Fi (very important for access of curbside but also for your general sanity)
  • Cling wrap & disinfectant spray


If you’re not familiar with RQmobile, it is our wireless mobile POS that packs the key features of RQ onto an iPad, which means you can process sales from anywhere.

A mobile POS (or mPOS) performs the same functions as a traditional POS – it’s just portable. That’s why we call a mobile approach a customer-first approach – by taking the transaction straight to the customer, you complete sales faster and provide a better overall experience.

Not only does enabling a mobile POS mean a more personalized service and faster, more efficient transactions, but it lessens the stress on your employees, and allows you to complete a few other things too:

Conduct fast inventory counts: RQmobile allows you to scan and categorize your inventory, so you can count faster and reduce human error.

Complete a sale or return: the transaction flow is the same as on a stationary terminal – just with less wait time.

Complete phone activations: Carrier and partner integrations means you can activate phones, add Dropship products to an open invoice, process trade-ins, add warranty for customers, plus so much more.

In terms of pricing, RQmobile is treated like any other workstation, so depending on the package you have, there are no fees in getting set up.

Wireless payment terminal

Once you have RQmobile, you need to get your payment device ready to go.

We recommend the Link 2500, which is a lightweight and pocket-sized terminal. It covers the full spectrum of wireless connectivity and, in addition to EMV Chip & PIN and swipe, it enables all payment methods, including contactless cards, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

If you don’t have a wireless model, reach out to our in-house expert Nevin MacDonald via Nevinm@​iqmetrix.​com.

Keeping your hardware clean

Modern day science tells us that the coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to 96 hours. When you have a device being used by multiple people, it’s important to make sure properly cleanliness and sanitzation methods are being adhered to.

You can use whatever method you like to keep the hardware clean, but what we’ve seen work best so far is to wrap your device in cling wrap and disinfect/​wipe down after each use. This will help keep you, your employees, and customers safe.


The only thing that could hold you back at this point is your internet connection.

Your Wi-Fi needs to have a strong radius that extends beyond your store walls so that it’s not giving you grief out on the sidewalk when you’re trying to be as quick as possible. 

Ready to go mobile?

You are on the front lines of wireless retail and likely are championing anything and everything that is going to help you and your teams drive business. Your work is critical to so many consumers. Give your customers the option to limit risks to exposure or to expedite certain types of transactions by enabling curbside pickup with a mobile POS.