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Omnichannel Retail: New Roles You Need to be Hiring Now

For businesses' omnichannel strategies to succeed, they need professionals who are well-versed in omnichannel marketing. While this seems simple enough, many brands are only now getting up to speed.

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The End of a Software Silo: 8 Features that Make Your POS a Retail Hub

A POS system should not be a solitary component in your IT infrastructure. Rather, it should be seen as a retail hub that absorbs data from each of your departments and informs a wide range of your processes and operations. With the right type of POS system in place, it's possible to streamline and automate a number of cumbersome processes all while enhancing management and the customer experience. In order to function as a true retail hub, however, your POS needs the right features.

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Love It or Leave It: What Shoppers Really Think About Retail Technology

We all know that technology is playing a huge roll in the ever-changing retail landscape.

In my last blog, The Death of Boring Retail, I detailed the changing retail landscape and the need to create a more immersive shopping experience importance for retailers. I focused on the fact that it was not retail that was dying but rather “boring retail” that was going the way of the dodo. We dove into how strategic store design and the inclusion of tech into that design would help facilitate the necessary changes to survive.

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6 Signs That You Should Integrate iQmetrix with Your eCommerce Platform

The following is a guest contribution by nChannel Marketing Analyst Jillian Hufford. 

All growing merchants experience growing pains. You can’t keep up with incoming customer orders and inventory doesn’t stay up to date fast enough. Eventually, your manual processes cause more errors than you can keep up with. This is even harder to manage when you’re selling both in-store and online.

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4 Questions to Think About When Considering Integrations

If you’ve worked with APIs before, you know how critical they can be to improving your business processes and increasing efficiencies. If you haven’t utilized them, entering the API world may seem like an abstract, daunting endeavor. Put simply, an API – Application Programming Interface – provides a way for two pieces of software to talk to each other and exchange information.

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Who's in Charge of Managing Data at Your Wireless Retail Store?

Wireless retailers have developed a reciprocal relationship with customers. The retailer provides an innovative omnichannel experience that is as seamless and customized as possible. In exchange, customers allow some of their personal information to be tracked, stored, and analyzed.

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Online to In-Hand: Managing Virtual Inventory

In the highly competitive landscape that is retail, it’s all about saying “yes” to your customer—“yes, we have that product in-stock,” “yes, we can order it for you,” and “yes it can get shipped to your home.” Strong virtual inventory practices allow for a leaner, more agile inventory operation. This means carrying core product groups in-store while still being ready to fulfill any number of orders not in your physical inventory. All in all, a well-managed virtual inventory will set you up for success when it comes to satisfying customer demands.

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[Video] What the Heck is an API and Why Would you Need One?

I have a confession to make. When I entered the software world, I didn’t really understand what an API was. I knew it wasn’t to be confused with a type of craft beer, but I was struggling with understanding APIs beyond that!

I came to realize that an API, or an Application Program Interface, could help increase business efficiencies and somehow connect different software systems together but that was the extent of my knowledge.

Today we’re going to break APIs down a bit and explain just some of the things that they can do for you.

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Leading with Excellence in Device Repair

There is no finish line when it comes to learning, networking or growing your business. The name of the game is value and first place trophies are engraved ‘best customer experience.’ Even without the trophy ceremony, you’ve already won the retail game. Many do not realize it yet. Your customers drop off and pick up their devices at your store. What other retailer has the chance to see the same customer twice within a day or even within an hour? What are you doing with that customer experience? Unfortunately, for many, their answer is “not enough.”

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The 3 Biggest Challenges Faced by Repair Stores and How to Fix Them

This is a guest blog post written by iQmetrix Integrated Partner, Sourcely.

For many years now, mobile devices have been a significant part of our lives. They are no longer a luxury, but a true necessity to communicate, plan, purchase, navigate, acquire information, share memories, and (let’s be honest) just pass the time. 

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Service & Repair Dealers' VMI Integration

This just in! iQmetrix is pleased to announce the launch of our new Service and Repair Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) partners. These integrations create a seamless experience between our Service & Repair vendors, RQ and our RQ Repair customers. It will help to connect parts inventory and supply chain management all in one quick streamlined process.

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The Do's and Don't for a Wireless Retailer

As a business owner, there are many aspects of your business that keep you awake at night such as optimizing operations, maximizing profits, increasing customer conversion rates, along with many others. In an attempt to ease your mind (so you can get back to a restful sleep), we’ve compiled some tips and tricks about two important facets of your business; investing in your sales staff and optimizing the in-store experience. Let’s look at how we can create a loyal, repeat customer—one opportunity at a time!

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8 Essential Steps to Increase Profits and Stay Competitive

From selling high-consideration products with constantly changing variety to long repurchase cycles, multi-layer sales transactions, and complex add-ons, cell phone dealers face some unique challenges in the world of retail. Add in increasing competition and changing consumer demands, you may be asking yourself, how can you manage to increase profits and stay competitive at the same time?

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