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Retail Operations Posts

3 Cost Effective Store Formats Brands Should Seriously Consider

Aug 24,2016 — Faai Steuer

You may already know that brick-and-mortar is not dead, in fact it is alive and transforming. The physical store is growing and evolving into to something that serves a higher purpose for retailers and brands. 

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An eTail East Recap: Bridging Digital & Physical

Aug 23,2016 — Megan Howse

Our team attended eTail East 2016 in Boston last week along with the top retailers across the continent all looking to transform retail together. 

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All I Want for the Holidays is Drop Ship – Sincerely, Your Customers

Aug 10,2016 — Beth Wanner

Your summer tan might not have begun fading… you might even still have your toes in the sand, but if you haven’t started thinking about the holiday retail rush, you’re likely to find yourself up ship creek without a paddle. (No, that’s not a typo.)

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Breaking It Off With Your Legacy System

Jul 25,2016 — Brady Parker

It can seem too good to be true when you find a point-of-sale software that is a perfect match for you.

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The EMV Hardware Equation

Jul 11,2016 — Rachel Liste

Since the October 2015 liability shift I have been talking with retailers about their EMV Strategy.

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Credit EMV is Here, Where Are You?

Jun 13,2016 — Brad Dolan

The Credit EMV liability shift is now well behind us all and it’s been smooth sailing for everyone, hasn’t it? A recent report from the Strawhecker Group shows only 37% of merchants are reporting EMV compliance.

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Where Did All The Big Box Retailers Go?

Apr 25,2016 — Brayden Gervan

Think about a big box store in your hometown.  The institution that stands larger than life, with the massive parking lot, where you can go and spend half a day shopping for pretty much anything you need and waiting in line for the other half.  

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Boeing 737 Big Data Blunder!

Apr 20,2016 — Megan Howse

I was travelling recently and booked a long travel day with limited time in between flights. There I was…hanging out in economy seating…for my 5 hour flight…directly over lunch hour…and I was getting hangry!

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Put Your Customers to Work

Apr 14,2016 — Zoran Kovacevic

Getting customers involved in service delivery by “putting them to work” often improves the service and the overall experience. In fact, service is always created with customer participation. 

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Stop, Drop & Pop-Up Shop

Apr 04,2016 — Tanya Floer

Pop-up stores continue to be an innovative, fun and effective approach for retailers in today’s ever growing competitive space. Whether it’s a store-within-store concept, a standalone pop-up or a traveling school bus road show, pop-up stores continue to win the attention of consumers, attracting both loyal and new customers.

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