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It’s time to provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience across all channels, anytime, anywhere.

Introduce New Revenue Generators

Easily increase add-on sales, whether through physical inventory or virtual product shipped to the customer from in-store or online. Customers can shop, pay, and receive items anywhere.

Provide Customer Consistency

Deliver a single view of your brand across channels to create a smooth customer experience. Whether browsing online or engaging in-store, customers receive consistent brand messaging, product information, and pricing.

Create a Best-in-Class Customer Experience

Using digital devices, store employees can create valuable and relevant customer engagements by performing functions such as ordering an out-of-stock item or providing personalized product recommendations.

Empower Sales Associates

Keep your sales reps current on customer history, product information, and promotions to increase their opportunities to engage customers, and ultimately, sell more. Whether it’s insight into online availability or another location’s inventory, your sales associates will always have the answer.

Increase Business Efficiency

Modernize your systems to unlock potential that allows you to improve your operations. Connect technologies inside and outside the store with automated services that speed up transaction times and reduce the hours you have to spend on mundane tasks; leaving more opportunity to focus on selling.

Why an Omnichannel Approach for Wireless Retail?

Technology has disrupted and redefined your consumer’s path to purchase as they constantly bounce from channel to channel like a human pinball machine. As challenging as it can be, now is the time to wow them and create brand loyalty for years to come.Because your customer’s journey can begin and end anywhere, anytime, and on any device, every brand touchpoint is vital to creating an amazing brand experience and increasing sales.

We know your technology-savvy customer expects a more connected experience when visit you online and in-store. To stay competitive, you need to differentiate your brand with an omnichannel strategy. Here’s how we can help…


Online is often the first touchpoint for a customer where they research products and retailers. In addition to store and product information, provide them with reserve online, pick up in-store or buy online, ship to home options.

Digital Signage

This is the attract piece of your customer’s path to purchase. Target your digitally-driven audience while improving in-store brand presence and driving sales. Managed centrally, you can always ensure consistency online and across all your locations.

Endless Aisle

Once your customers are in-store, continue to give them what they’re looking for. Customer-facing screens allow shoppers to browse and interact in-store by themselves or with sales associates to further understand product information, pricing, and availability. Customers can send items directly to the POS, or save for later with a mobile takeaway.

cell phone store pos

Cell Phone Store POS

Providing so much more than just a smooth checkout experience, this is the core of your business and your central source providing all other systems with a single view of customer, inventory, and pricing information. View real-time reports, customer profiles, and inventory to serve your customers from anywhere in your store or monitor performance from anywhere in the world.


Whether your customer is buying physical product, virtual product, or both, we remove friction for your customer by allowing them a single transaction point. If they buy online but return in-store, we ensure your customers are always getting the great experience they pay for. Spend more time on your business and less on processing with a fully-managed payment system.


Optimize your supply chain and evolve brick-and-mortar stores as fulfillment channels as well as connect to third parties delivering products directly to customers. By using these existing fulfillment capabilities and supply chain integrations, your customers will always be able to get exactly what they want, whether it’s in-stock or not.


Why Omnichannel is Critically Important to Wireless Retailers

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