Tax Headaches Eased with All-New iQmetrix Tax Management Integration, Powered by Avalara

Vancouver, BC — April 10, 2024Whether you’re in Canada or the United States, tax compliance and accurate sales tax calculations can be a major headache for telecom retailers.

Canada, for example, has both federal and provincial sales tax, plus a patchwork of provinces with and without harmonized sales tax — all of which can make compliance tricky. In the United States, retailers are presented with an even more complex scenario, with more than 13,000 sales tax jurisdictions across the country, each with its own set of rates and rules that can fluctuate frequently. This makes it extremely important to ensure your sales tax footprint is properly tracked to promote accuracy of rates and the highest level of tax compliance — but it’s a real challenge to do so.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that iQmetrix — North America’s only provider of Interconnected Commerce solutions for telecom retail — has partnered with cloud-based tax compliance automation provider Avalara to deliver an all-new Tax Management integration. Tax Management is now available directly within iQmetrix’s industry-leading point of sale and retail management solution, RQ. 

Powered by Avalara, Tax Management is an end-to-end sales tax integration that manages tax calculation, filing, and remittance — significantly easing the burden of tax compliance. Tax Management helps your business to: 

  • improve sales tax compliance, no matter where you are
  • streamline tax rate management across multiple locations and channels 
  • eliminate manual processes for updating tax rates
  • file tax returns much more easily and efficiently 
  • create a better customer experience

Steve Lacoff, General Manager for Communications at Avalara, said, Tax compliance is one of the most complex and onerous factors impacting telecom retailers and their ability to operate and scale efficiently. Avalara’s partnership with iQmetrix allows telecom retailers to automate the calculation, filing, and remittance of sales taxes — improving tax compliance, reducing errors, and re-focusing personnel and resources on business building activities.”

Jason Raymer, Senior Vice President of Revenue at iQmetrix, added, Our new Tax Management integration, powered by Avalara, is truly a game-changer for our point-of-sale users — and a further demonstration of the innovation we’re bringing to our clients through product development and partnerships. We couldn’t be happier to welcome Avalara into iQmetrix’s Interconnected Commerce ecosystem.”

To celebrate this new integration, Avalara is offering iQmetrix clients a free Sales Tax Risk Assessment, which includes: 

  • a guided nexus questionnaire 
  • an in-depth analysis of economic and physical nexus tax obligations 
  • a one-on-one consultation with an Avalara sales tax professional 

Click here to get your free Sales Tax Risk Assessment

To learn more about this new integration, click below to go the Tax Management page and our Avalara integrated partner page.


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