SnapOne, Inc. Launches New Snap One Cloud Application Suite, Announces First-of-Its-Kind Partnership With iQmetrix to Distribute Apps at Mobile Retailers

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With Snap One’s Individual and Family Security Services and Cloud Mobile Apps, More Than 11,000 Retailers Can Offer Cross-Platform Data and Family Security and Sync and Media Streaming Cloud Services to Customers at the Checkout Counter

PRINCETON, NJ--(Marketwired - Oct 22, 2013) - SnapOne, Inc., a leading developer of consumer security services and mobile apps, today launched Snap One™, a cross-platform portfolio of mobile applications that allows individuals and families to easily secure, sync, back up, stream and share their digital lives through a secure, centralized cloud.

Snap One is the first app suite to be distributed across mobile retailers in North America through a partnership with iQmetrix, a leading retail technology provider offering retail management and customer experience software to more than 11,000 phone and electronics retailer locations, including authorized AT&T, Verizon and Sprint independent retailers. This month, iQmetrix’s partner retailers will begin rolling out Snap One alongside phone, tablet and computer accessories, and via in-store digital kiosks in the U.S. and Canada.

This partnership not only introduces a new revenue opportunity for us and the retailer, it helps us penetrate the market in a very personal way which will generate meaningful awareness among consumers and their families,” said Jiren Parikh, president & CEO of SnapOne, Inc. Improving consumer awareness about the new mobile and cross-platform security options available to families is at the core of every business decision we make.”

SnapOne, Inc. is the first company we’ve partnered with that’s in the consumer cloud application space,” said Kelly Kazakoff, COO at iQmetrix. We felt that with consumers’ growing need for cloud applications that help them to manage information and personal security, synchronize data across a broad range of devices, and maintain instant access to their media, Snap One is an app worth offering at the point of purchase.”

The Snap One suite includes Snap Secure®, Snap Sync™ and Snap Play™ applications for smartphones, tablets and computers, cloud storage options ranging from 25GB to 500GB, and the ability to add up to six family members and connect an unlimited number of devices. With more than 50 features, Snap One is the most comprehensive cloud application suite built exclusively for consumers and families.

Customers can buy Snap One in stores and immediately download the suite of applications onto Android, Apple, and Windows smartphones and tablets. Snap One will work seamlessly across those devices, as well as synchronize with desktop computers. iQmetrix retailers will market an exclusive offer of $99.99 a year, which includes all current and future Snap One cloud applications for installation on an unlimited number of devices, with 30GB of initial storage, and the ability to assign up to six family members to share apps and storage.

Snap One Apps and Features:

Snap Secure provides a broad range of protection and safety features for data, devices and importantly, people. Key data security features include Backup and Restore of mobile device data; Bit Defender anti-virus for Android -- rated #1 by PC Magazine; personal and family safety features including Family Locator, Tracking and Footprints, Driver Safety monitoring to prevent distracted driving accidents, Safety Zones for managing family activity by location with instant alerts, Panic Button for alerting public safety, friends and family when you feel your safety is at-risk; device security including remote device locate, wipe and camera control if your device is lost or stolen, and SIM guardian protecting your phone from unauthorized use.

Snap Sync is the simplest way to synchronize your data to the cloud for cross-platform access, streaming and sharing from anywhere. Support for smartphones, tablets and computers allow you to easily sync photos, videos, music, documents and virtually any file type you want to the cloud.

Snap Play for managing, organizing and streaming your music from the cloud. Synchronize your music and music videos, including your iTunes library to the cloud for instant access from any Snap Play application or web browser on virtually any device out there, with optimized streaming over mobile networks so you always have access to your favorite music.

Family Support for up to six family members to share apps and storage.

Cloud Storage expandable up to 500GB, with 24/7 availability, and the highest level of security using Amazon’s bulletproof cloud platform. Snap One users can share cloud storage with family members while keeping each individual’s information private and secure from the rest of the family.

Cross-platform support spanning Android, iPhone, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry phones and tablets, Windows and Apple computers, as well as web browser access to all your cloud data and managing Snap One feature and users.

Global languages with launch support to include Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Snap One will be updated regularly with a broad range of new enhancements and apps covering media management, editing, sharing, data and people security, family controls, and other features that are important to individuals and families for managing their connected-lives.

About SnapOne, Inc.
SnapOne, Inc. is a fast-growing developer of consumer cloud applications. The company’s Snap One™, Snap Secure®, Snap Sync™ and Snap Play™ brands allow individuals and families to leverage the cloud with simple yet powerful applications for securing data, devices and people, and synchronizing, streaming and managing their entire digital life across a broad range of devices. SnapOne, Inc. is headquartered in Princeton, N.J. with offices located worldwide, SnapOne, Inc. For more information, please visit

About iQmetrix:
At iQmetrix, we are passionate about retail. Our purpose is to create great experiences for retailers, their employees and the end consumer. Our products bridge the gap between physical and virtual retail channels, offering the latest in retail management and customer experience technology. XQ Interactive Retail brings elements of online and mobile shopping experiences into the physical store to engage and educate shoppers during the purchase process. RQ4 Retail Management is a complete system for managing all aspects of a store chain operation, including POS, ERP, inventory and HR. When integrated specifically for wireless retailers, XQ and RQ allow users to effectively manage back-of-house operations and the in-store customer experience. Founded in 1999, iQmetrix is a privately-held software as a service (SaaS) company with offices in Canada and the United States.

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