Rocky Mountain High: The Greatest Minds in Retail are Coming to Denver

Vancouver, BC — July 3, 2019The 2019 iQmetrix Meetup is where leaders and experts in retail will come together to mold the future of the industry by creating in-store efficiencies today.

Hosted September 3-5 in Denver, CO, the iQmetrix Meetup is designed to be a community space for learning, idea sharing, and strengthening of old and new relationships. The event strives to bring together like-minded retailers who share a passion for the industry and creating great customer experiences.

This retail-focused event is tailor-made for specialty retailers. With a mind’s eye on the future, Meetup sessions feature tried and true best practices, roundtable discussions with industry experts, inspiring messages from next-level keynotes, and stories of real-life wins from the retailers themselves. Content is sourced from the best expertise the retail industry has to offer so that attendees leave rejuvenated and ready to put key learnings into action.

What I really enjoy about coming to iQmetrix events is that there are people that are doing a better job at what I do than I am, so it’s really awesome to start brainstorming with these other people. A lot of the time we won’t agree on how we want to do the same idea, but I am at least able to stretch my brain and see my path through a decision with a forest” of options.

Matt Kamla
Director of Information Systems, Cell Plus

If you’re in retail, you know that experience is everything. That’s why the Meetup agenda, in addition to providing actionable takeaways for immediate implementation after the event is over, ensures every discussion thinks of how to better the in-store experience; for the employee, for the customer, and for overall business operations.

To view the full 2019 iQmetrix Meetup event agenda, click here.

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