Attending the 2019 Meetup means access to the best and brightest minds from your industry.

Your time at Meetup will include educational sessions to help you better your retail processes, roundtable discussions to help mold the future of retail, networking events to strategize with fellow retailers, social events to wind down and refresh, and inspiring keynote speakers that are sure to have you itching to get back to the office and implement change. An element of fun is woven into each facet of Meetup so you’ll be enjoying yourself at every moment, guaranteed!


Customer Experience

As a successful retailer, you know the customer is key and should be at the heart of every decision you make. Attending sessions in this track will give you expertise in design concepts, advice on creating unparalleled customer service, and the best practices tried and tested by retail success stories. It’s everything you need to create great in-store experiences that align with all your customer touchpoints.

Employee Experience

Your staff are the backbone of what makes your business tick. Employees or brand ambassadors? This track will ensure they can be both! Faciliate and maintain engagement whether they’re on the sales floor closing deals or in the back room creating inventory efficiency. Full-time or part-time, your staff are your biggest competitive advantage so be sure you’re optimizing their power. You’ll learn how to create an environment where they can practice confident and energetic behavior, no matter the situation.

Operational Experience

Like spinach to Popeye, your operations are the strength behind your business’s prosperity. Sessions in this track will focus on operational best practices that help ensure you can deliver on promises—to employees and customers. Whether you’re looking to perfect inventory and fulfillment or you want to harness the power of accurate, timely, and effective reporting, this track will have you covered. Not only that, but you’ll also learn how to prepare for and enact change so that your store thrives, right out of the gate.


All this, and so much more, is happening in Denver, CO from September 3-5.

A ticket to Meetup gives you exclusive retail content you won’t find anywhere else. Will we see you there?

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