iQmetrix: Retail Strategies

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Date: July 312012

Published in: Consumer Electronics Vision Magazine

By Brianne O’Leary

Consumers shopping habits are vastly different than they were a decade or even just a year ago. As technology continues to advance it is critical that retailers work to create simple, seamless and memorable in-store experiences for their customers. New CEA member company iQmetrix has developed software solutions to ensure that as the CE industry evolves, retailers can leverage new technologies to provide their customers with a remarkable shopping experience. iQmetrix President and CEO Christopher Krywulak talks to Vision about the exciting advancements in software development for the retail market.

When was iQmetrix formed and what is unique about what you offer?

iQmetrix was founded in 1999 with the objective of building retail management software that could track meaningful data and metrics to improve retail operations and the customer experience, and ultimately transform the business. Our products are unique in that they bridge the gap between physical and retail channels: XQ Interactive Retail brings elements of online and mobile shopping experiences into the physical store to engage and educate shoppers during the purchase process. RQ4 Retail Management is a complete system for managing all aspects of a store chain operation, including POS, ERP, inventory and HR. When integrated specifically for wireless retailers, XQ and RQ allow users to effectively manage back-of-house operations and the in-store customer experience.

How do you think your membership with CEA will help you to succeed in the CE industry?

Membership with CEA allows us to congregate with other technology companies and draw from their experience, network, and share ideas and best practices. As our company grows, access to CEA members-only resources could help inform our planning and strategy. Further, exposure at the International CES is integral to our company’s growth strategy.

What would you say to other companies considering joining CEA?

For up-and-coming technology companies, the benefits of joining CEA (information, exposure, connections, influence, education and competitive advantages) certainly outweigh the costs.

Where are the biggest opportunities for growth for iQmetrix?

Our biggest opportunities are twofold: 1. obtaining larger, enterprise-level customers who will use our software across their large retail chains, and 2. extending our solutions beyond wireless retail and into other retail verticals. Beyond those fronts, another huge opportunity is selling our products in markets outside of North America.

What do you find most exciting about the CE industry?

The most exciting thing about the CE industry is that it never stands still. Consumer electronics are always changing, improving and advancing. It’s exciting to be a part of the technology and software development process. Our purpose is to create great experiences for retailers, their employees and the end consumer. The products we build help to deliver these great experiences and that’s very exciting.