iQmetrix Offers Workforce Optimization in the Partner Ecosystem

Vancouver, BC — May 4, 2020 iQmetrix has launched the new Workforce Management integration by partnering with Workplace Arcade and Shiftlab.

To optimize workforce productivity, on an individual, team-wide, and company-wide basis, Workplace Arcade provides workplace engagement software that uses gamification to help teams connect, motivate, and perform better. Shiftlab is a new performance-based workforce optimization SaaS to keep motivated employees at the top of their game.

To decrease the negative impact of carrying out tasks manually and using different systems of workforce management this new category of Partners can provide consistency and quality customer service.

The iQmetrix Partner Ecosystem is constantly growing so that our client’s business can grow in efficiencies and revenue. Joanne Helm, Vice President of Partner Management for iQmetrix added: We launched our partner ecosystem to enable our customers to work seamlessly with key vendors that complement our software. Adding a Workforce Management integration with outstanding partners is key to providing clients with tools to increase efficiency at the company and employee level.”

With iQmetrix as wireless retail experts, and Workforce Management partners providing the automation of data related reports and analytics, clients can quickly and easily achieve the outcomes they want for recruitment, staff management, and engagement. 

Interested in learning more about our new integrations or what becoming a partner with iQmetrix looks like? Check out our partner page to see the opportunities available to your business.

About iQmetrix

iQmetrix’s point of sale and retail management solutions are designed to power the wireless industry. Our commerce platform offers powerful business intelligence, endless aisle, drop ship, e-commerce, and payment solutions, as well as an integrated network of over 40 partners – enabling us to be the single solution to multiple retail challenges. For 20 years, we’ve been passionate about helping our clients grow by providing excellent software, services, and expertise that enables them to adapt and thrive.

About Arcade

Arcade’s mission is to build products that build people, and we do this by transforming the way companies relate, motivate & engage their workforce. We know that when a workplace enables people to tap into their intrinsic motivations, people are happier and perform better, and this has a direct impact on the productivity, innovation and profitability of an organization.

About Shiftlab

Shiftlab is the performance based scheduling technology built for wireless retail. With a team that has over 40 combined years of cellular experience, Shiftlab brings your labor strategy to life by maximizing performance and employee engagement while intelligently driving incremental sales and optimizing labor costs. In partnering with iQmetrix, we allow businesses to gather POS transactions and make real time staffing decisions.

Media Contact for iQmetrix

Kirsten Barkved
Content Marketing Manager