Digital Signage At Retail: Content Is King

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Date: June 152012

Published in: Marketnews

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By Marc Saltzman

In the Cloud: Cloud computing is changing the way data is managed, accessed, delivered and stored for many businesses; and the digital signage space is no exception. Christopher Krywulak, President and CEO of Vancouver-based iQmetrix, says his company’s XQ Interactive Retail suite of in-store digital solutions takes advantage of Windows Azure technology to offer retailers a Cloud-based retail solution.

There is no need for local hardware or servers,” Krywulak elaborates. And no technical expertise is required when installing cloud-based media players. All you need is a standard fixed-line Internet connection and you’re ready to go within minutes. Cloud-based media players use the Internet to connect to an online service, ensuring they are operating correctly and displaying the latest content.”

Krywulak also points out that a Cloud-based service allows users to manage content from one centralized location. Support and free software updates are available from the moment you trial the solution through to rolling out a network of a few (or maybe a few thousand) media players,” he adds.