AT&T Product Center: Retail Management Enables Scalable Growth

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Published in: Integrated Solutions For Retailers

Date: March 2012 issue

When Mark Butler and Tony Saraceni, president and VP, respectively, of AT&T Product Center, had the opportunity to expand their portfolio of stores, only one thing stood in their way -- an inefficient retail management system.

AT&T Product Center is a dealer for AT&T, and it has the same look and feel as teh corporate-owned and -operated AT&T stores. Indeed, AT&T Product Center caters to consuemrs as well as the B2B community. The retailer is exclusive to AT&T products and services, and it offers phones that operate on the AT&T network. In 2007, Butler and Saraceni had plans to grow their Bellmore, NY-headquartered AT&T Product Center stores from 5 to 21. (Read more: p. 34)