From Now to Next-Gen Retail

AI, VR, IoT—Profitable or Pointless?

Which business tools are fads, and which investments will help wireless retailers grow? Learn about the tools and strategies top businesses are using now and how to get ready for next-gen marketplaces. Technologies like AI platforms, 5G wireless networks, and more are on their way and will come with many challenges; businesses that are ready stand to profit.

What's Inside

Technology Now and Later

There are many cutting-edge solutions businesses are using or should be using right now and many others that will transform how retail is done. Find out how to get ready with scalable solutions and how to avoid trendy pitfalls.

Experiential Retail

More and more, brick-and-mortar retailers are trying to build lifestyles around their merchandise. Find out practical ways to create unique experiences is to give services that complement product offerings for customers.

5G Readiness

Incoming 5G-data networks are poised to change the retail market. This change will likely be widely available within three years, and retail businesses need to be ready to capitalize on it.

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