Achieving a 360 Degree Customer View

How Retailers Can Lead with Unified Commerce

The conversation around unified commerce is happening in every sector of the retail industry. It’s not just another name for omnichannel—it’s a strategy for those who seek to completely understand shoppers' needs and give consistent, high-value service across all touchpoints.

What's Inside

Defining Unified Commerce

Unified commerce is more than omnichannel. Discover the differences and see the evolution from single channel to multichannel to omnichannel to unified commerce.

Why a Unified Platform is Essential for Unified Commerce

For a unified commerce strategy, you can have many of different technology systems but you need one source of truth to bring all the data points together. That comprehensive view leads to efficient resource management and more sales.

Consistent Branding at Every Touchpoint

Shoppers care about interacting with one brand with one set of norms, regardless of the purchase occasion, channel of interaction, or the path they took to get there. Learn how unified commerce gives dependable branded service.

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