Transform Video Surveillance into Actionable Insights with Savi

Leveraging retail intelligence not only identifies inefficiencies, but it also allows retailers to recognize high-performing employees to leverage their skills while finding areas of improvement for employees who have the potential to see immense success. Savi is a cloud-based video retail intelligence platform that makes understanding the behaviors that drive results easy. Improving sales and decreasing loss begins with having a visual of every retail location and, with Savi, you can know the good and eliminate the bad.

The Challenge

Managing multiple retail locations is no simple task. Business owners and managers aren’t able to be in more than one place at once, and without insight into each store, having an in-depth understanding of performance can be next to impossible.

Without knowing the cause behind every location’s results, retailers aren’t able to see:

  • The actions that are driving or deterring profitability
  • Who the top performers are and what gets them results
  • What staff need to elevate their skills and become more effective

The Solution

The cloud-based Savi platform empowers operators and managers to not only understand the results they are achieving through real-time data visualizations and reporting, but the behavior causing those results can easily be identified through video and audio of in-store transactions. Enabling users to replicate profit-driving actions and eliminate anything that would lead to loss, improves the in-store experience for customers and staff alike. Savi provides retailers with a new level of insight into the customer experience so they can double down on what’s working and remove the rest.

With Savi, retailers saw:

  • A 15-20% reduction in voids, refunds, and discounts
  • The single source of insights saved time in the analysis of data
  • Their retail store sales increased by 2-4%

Hands down, the biggest thing that Savi has done for us is save time. The platform made it simple for us to interpret and understand our store’s performance while giving us a better understanding of what is really happening in each of our stores. We love this product!”

- Rob Murphy, Owner & Operator of Mi6 Pizza, a Little Caesars franchisee

The Savi platform transforms retail surveillance video and transforms it into actionable insights that drive profitability, efficiency, and improvement of experience in retail stores.