Smart Access is Accelerating Employee Training

Wireless retailers thrive in a fast-paced industry because telecom never slows down. But with rapid changes comes the need to keep staff supported with effective training when and where they need it. The Smart Access platform enables retailers to provide their associates with on-demand training through their mobile device.


The Challenge

Retailers spend billions on onboarding. In the retail industry, 10 million workers are hired each year — and this number has gone up in the past 12 months. With new hires, it takes time to get them familiar with a company’s processes and it can take up to six weeks to train workers to reach productivity. This time for training is expensive and can cost retailers billions of dollars, all due to onboarding.

What gets in the way of effective, on-the-job training?

  • Ineffective learning delivery: Outdated classroom-style learning means workers don’t get personalized training and can’t access training during a real-life scenario.
  • Inconsistent job shadowing: This is an expensive practice to scale and often provides low-quality results as managers can’t control what a trainee is and isn’t getting exposed to.
  • Deployment delays: It can take a long time to evolve training materials so getting them to the frontline quickly can be difficult. That can mean manuals arrive out of date and after they’re needed.

The Solution

The Smart Access training solution leverages mobile technology to give employees training support when they need it most. Whether they’re new to the operation or veterans looking to improve their efficiency, Smart Access gives them instant access to a training library through their mobile device.

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How does Smart Access support effective onboarding and on-the-job training?

  • Embedded training on the sales floor: Workers get fast access to personalized training with guidance with technology that’s location-aware.
  • Access to real-time analytics: Managers can view analytics according to content asset, individual workers, and location so they know how effective training is for your team.
  • Deliver microlearning in the flow of work: Workers consume on-the-job training and guidance that’s specific to their role, skill level, and previous training searches.
  • Rapidly create and deploy content: Retail leaders can quickly and easily create and distribute bite-sized training including how-to videos, checklists, and guides.

What does the return on investment for Smart Access look like?

  • New workers are 6X faster. The average training time for productivity goes from 6 weeks to just 1 week.
  • Employees have 40X faster access to training videos. Accessing content goes from 41 seconds to 1 second to find the training they need.
  • Creating and delivering new content is 10X faster as managers can create training in days, rather than taking 8 weeks.

Transform your on-the-job training with Smart Access. From pilot to productivity only takes 30 days.