REVV Reviews Mean More Loyal Customers

Customer reviews are essential. Not only do great reviews drive loyalty, validate sales and customer service techniques, and entice new shoppers, but comments left by customers who weren’t totally satisfied help you better your in-store environment and offer you the chance to make it right for that shopper, creating an memorable, positive retail experience.

The Challenge

With such a saturated market, wireless retailers need to know what customers think so their stores can beat out the competition. If you’re interested in capturing the most honest answer for how a customer perceives your business, speed is essential. Within 30 minutes after leaving a store is the most optimal time to collect a valuable review. But this quick or a turnaround can be tough - especially when you’ve got a wireless store to run.
And waiting until a shopper has something to say isn’t enough. Every customer should be afforded the chance to give you their feedback because, good or bad, it’s going to make your wireless store better and more competitive. 
But with so much on the go, and other day-to-day items pulling at the bandwidth of you and your employees, how can you ensure customer’s voices are heard?

The Solution

Wireless retailers have turned to tech to solve this problem, and so can you! An add-on retail software that integrates with your point-of-sale is essential to providing an omnichannel review experience. This process should be painless for you and your customers alike. 
The outstanding comments can be used to reward associates, promote your business on social media, and know which processes are keepers. Less than positive feedback means you know what to adjust to create the perfect wireless retail path for each shopper. These insights are invaluable and to capture them, one question is all it takes. 

More Reviews? More Sales.

Using the right platform, retailers saw a 550% increase in online reviews, putting them in-the-know when it came to customer expectations. When customers can easily track sentiment, they have the power to promote positive reviews while capturing the constructive comments for revision, adjustment and followup.
500 online reviews

Far Above Average

Retailers who are able to effectively address customer concerns can increase satisfaction. Some retailers, with a quick-followup solution, saw an average score of 4.7÷5 when they responded to customer’s feedback. 
10x engagement

Connected Insights

Customer feedback can inspire marketing and sales teams to talk about what customers really want. No promotional dollars wasted. How? With insights gathered from what customers are really saying about your business, you know exactly what’s working and what could be improved. That means more satisfaction through a better experience with your store. 
82 decrease
REVV by Tracpoint is a post-sale software that delivers a one-question consumer experience survey through RQ. The data collected allows you to monitor a sale’s rep’s performance and drive satisfied customers to easily leave online reviews. Not only that, but with a catch all for negative comments, you know which customers to connect with to make their next experience a better one. 

Benefits of REVV include…

  • Increase your positive online reviews by over 300%
  • Decrease negative reviews by up to 82%
  • Rate and rank your employees based on the customer experience they deliver
  • Respond quickly to customer concerns and issues
  • Improve your store’s online SEO rankings
  • Increase foot traffic by establishing credibility online
  • Increase repeat purchases with bounce-back offers

…and more!

REVV is the easiest platform that I use because it just works seamlessly. I know that when I need to run a report, that it’s there…it’s just super easy. If you want to increase your online reviews plus get good feedback internally…this is the tool. 
- Kerri Stokes of Wireless World

Want to learn how REVV can boost profitability and customers satisfaction for your wireless retail store? Download the REVV by Tracpoint case study to explore how it’s able to promote positive reviews to drive sales and mitigate constructive feedback for wireless retailers — all from one platform.