Building Customer Relationships With Tracpoint & Rebiz

The easiest and most affordable way to build customer relationships and loyalty is to create great experiences for your customer. When you enhance the shopping experience, you’re providing your customers with a valuable service that they can’t get anywhere else and they’re willing to pay a premium for that.

So how do you deliver an enriched experience that’s a cut above everyone else?

Let us introduce you to two of our Partners that can assist with building those customer relationships: TracPoint (REVV) an online review generator & Rebiz (Datacam) an accurate traffic counting solution.

Build trust with positive reviews

Having easy access to the web has radically changed the way people shop for almost everything today. For relationship retailing to work, retailers must build and maintain a distinctive image among consumers – a way to do this is online reviews.

An online business review is written sentiment left directly by a customer on any platform that supports this type of content (like Yelp, Google, or Facebook). Reviews represent an ongoing conversation your customers are having about your business on the web.

Online reviews create an image of the customer service that strongly affects the total retail experience. While it can worrisome to know that you aren’t in control of the conversation, you can take steps to influence and contribute to that conversation.

TracPoint can increase your reputation online with positive reviews with their new automation tool, REVV.

REVV is an innovative platform designed to increase positive social reviews and reduce negative ones while improving your overall brand reputation online through a one-question, post-sale survey sent to recent customers.

85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. REVV not only increases the amount of reviews you receive; it also decreases your negative reviews.

By focusing on creating a steady stream of reviews, your brand is more likely to show up when customers are making their next shopping decision, driving traffic to your stores.

Let’s not forget – people shop and spend more with trusted retailers. You’ll increase your foot traffic by establishing credibility, which leads to more sales!

Monitor your increased foot traffic

Once you’ve got a bomb dot com review strategy in place, you’ll start to see more shoppers head to your stores. With that increase in numbers, it’s important to track your success: How do you know exactly how many relationships/​opportunities your employees are capitalizing on and missing?

Not every shopper is a potential customer and Datacam by ReBiz classifies traffic sources as individuals and groups to give you a more accurate traffic count. 

ReBiz connects with your store data to uncover the truth about your business

From the performance of your sales reps to the product inefficiencies to how it all impacts your profitability, ReBiz is your go-to partner for revolutionary technology unique to the business analytics industry. With their proprietary software, you’ll get in-depth analytics through video surveillance, and you can see how employees interact with customers, convert on deals, hit benchmarks, and better identify missed opportunities.

Plus, ReBiz’s Scheduling Adviser tools to help make sure your stores are staffed according to business needs.

Get started

While there are several strategies that retail managers can employ to build relationships with employees and customers, think about how you could be more effective by partnering with these RQ Partner solutions.