ReBiz Helps Retailers Improve Conversion with the Launch of Datacam

ReBiz specializes in business solutions for every industry and is especially able to support the intricacies of telecom. Our services are continuously growing and, with the help of our Datacam Complete package, your business can revolutionize its analytics with unmatched accuracy.

ICM Wireless, a Big 6 retailer, was able to increase conversions and sales using Datacam. The Datacam Complete package supported this retailer in achieving a 20% bump in conversions over the course of just three months.

The Challenge

As a rapidly growing company, ICM Wireless relies on store traffic and point-of-sale data in order to measure individual employee and company-wide performance. Before switching to Datacam, ICM Wireless was using a standard door counter. This meant that it only had access to point-of-sale numbers, and wasn’t able to access real data on actual store traffic or associate-level in-store conversations.

Prior to [using Datacam], we were just using numbers from our POS. You don’t get detail. You’re rewarding stores with high volume, and coming down on stores with lower volume based on end results. You don’t get a true gauge…basically blindfolded trying to manage workgroup.”

With ICM Wireless’s level of data access, the business was unable to filter traffic groups, employees, carriers, and non-customers, making their analytics and insights inaccurate and unreliable.

The most pressing issues for ICM Wireless were:

  • Inability to accurately measure employee and store performance
  • Accessible data could not be relied on for actionable insights
  • Inefficient staffing and scheduling due to a lack of in-store traffic analytics

With many locations functioning simultaneously, ICM Wireless needed to make sure its data was dependable. Data that can drive in-store operations forward is the only way for wireless retailers to remain competitive; without it, ICM Wireless would surely become stagnant.

ICM Wireless, in its tireless search of retail software to alleviate these issues, sought out ReBiz. By employing the Datacam Complete package, ICM Wireless saw impressive improvements in both conversions and sales in the first three months of use.

The Solution

ReBiz was able to address and resolve ICM Wireless’ pain points by integrating Datacam software with existing ICM Wireless processes. Using Datacam, ReBiz was able to identify and target the challenges the business faced in three key ways:

  1. Datacam software measures accurate traffic and conversion down to an employee level.
  2. Employee monitoring surveys company-wide compliance.
  3. Scheduling automation matches top-performing employees with peak store hours and busiest days.

The Rebiz Datacam Complete package includes its facial recognition and personal auditing functionality. This allows Datacam to distinguish and analyzes customer traffic, conversion, and employee performance. With the help of Datacam, ICM Wireless was able to open its access to accurate, reliable data and elevate its business by leveraging these insights to make meaningful changes that betters its in-store experience.

The Results

ReBiz was able to work alongside ICM Wireless to integrate existing systems with Datacam. The connection and communication between platforms showed an improvement almost immediately. Most notably, company performance and sales revenue were boosted with the insights Datacam was able to provide.

In three months using Datacam, we saw a 20% increase in conversions and a 7% increase in sales without a change in our volume. You start looking at things in a completely different way and can strategically place employees in different locations based on skillset.”

Being able to quickly assess store or employee issues along with access to reliable foot-traffic data helped ICM Wireless see impressive and drastic changes; numbers skyrocketed and ICM Wireless was able to leave its old, standard, and outdated monitoring system behind.

The Datacam Complete package supported the business in increasing company-wide conversions by 20% while also enabling a lift to incremental sales by 7%, and reduce shrinkage and time theft by 10%.

If you’re ready to step into a new era of business management, ReBiz is eager to help you discover the powerful functionality of its Datacam offering.