Premier Locations Revamps Outreach

US Cellular Authorized Agent Revamps Their Customer Outreach Program 

As an authorized agent for U.S. Cellular®, the fifth-largest full-service wireless carrier in the United States, Premier Locations is dedicated to providing the best wireless products and services, as well as best-in-class customer service.

But their ambition to run high-performing, high-converting customer outreach was held back by their technology, which prevented them from truly understanding their customers. 

Since leveraging the power of Statflo, the leading 1:1 outreach solution for wireless & tech retail, Premier Locations has seen the following benefits at 42 of their locations:

  • 38% response rate within 4 months of launch 
  • 3% increase of subscriber base 
  • 26x ROI
  • 25% of customers engaged using personalized, one-to-one messaging. 

The challenge

Before using Statflo, campaigns were largely managed through spreadsheets, retail associates were not engaged with outreach, mangers did not have full visibility into outreach activity, and response rates, conversion rates, and the subscriber base were stagnating. 

Nobody wants to be called anymore. Telemarking had become the dinosaur of outreach. When trying to reach customers that way, you hit a wall.” – Wendy Drummond, CEO, Premier Locations


Outreach has shifted from a check-the-box, informal sales tactic to a strategic function that is critical to driving revenue growth and customer satisfaction. To implement an outreach strategy, Premier Locations needed to leverage a solution that enabled them to have the right conversations at the right time.


That’s where our partner, Statflo, came in. They are the leading provider of solutions for wireless and tech retailers to manage their base, execute outreach campaigns, and hold staff accountable to keeping customers.

Given Statflo’s unique ability to integrate with Premier Locations’s POS System, they were able to eliminate all manual data entry related to campaign creation. 


At the height of the rollout, Premier Location achieved a record 26x ROI and their sales associates managed to speak to about 25% of customers using personalized, one-to-one messaging. They saw an 8% response rate within 4 month of launch and a 3% increase of subscriber base.

I’m a big fan and believer in the process. Our reps have fun doing it. It’s how they like to communicate and it’s what they’re comfortable with. – Thomas Catani, Vice President Sales, US Cellular 

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