Intelocate Changed the Operational Game for HMV

Specifically designed to support organizations seeking to improve issue management whilst reducing headcount, Intelocate’s innovative and unique approach to task and issue resolution saves wireless retailers time and money.

The Challenge

Improving operational efficiency was a key goal for the HMV team. The level of transparency between stores, the HMV head office, internal departments and teams, and external vendors wasn’t cutting it.

We were spending anywhere from 2 to 4 hours per day managing tasks, sorting through issues, and chasing stores, head office, and external suppliers alike to confirm they had received all the required information.
– Steve Nussbaum, Retail Operations Coordinator, HMV

The brand has many stores across two brands and with several locations about to be refurbished, it was essential that all parties were connected through reliable, consistent channels of communication. The most common issues were:

  • Requests between head office and stores
  • Operational issues between marketing, merchandising, HR, warehouse, and deliveries
  • Loss prevention
  • Promotions
  • Customer queries and complaints
  • Stock order issues

HMV needed a tool that could manage tasks, digitize all forms and checklists, and assist with marketing execution, all while keeping every aspect of HMV connected with each other. That’s when HMV turned to Intelocate.

The Solution

Intelocate was able to help HMV optimize efficiencies in 4 essential areas: reporting & analytics, issue reporting & resolution, communications. HMV could easily view trends and performance reports that were specific to a location to spot early warning signs or areas of improvement. Reporting and resolving issues was made easy with a user-friendly flow to capture details. Communications was drastically improved with the help of a robust chat platform, inter-location communication enablement, and more open lines of disseminating information to external vendors and contractors.

Intelocate continues to simplify the way our business communicates.
– Laurence Price, Head of Retail, HMV

Intelocate is an out of the box solution that can easily adapt to the needs of its user. With the help of an Intelocate Customer Success team member, HMV was able to create a software stack that directly answered all of their pain points.

The Results

Intelocate was seamlessly integrated into the HMC process and in just a few weeks, their operations team was inspired to expand Intelocate’s functionalities into other areas of the HMV business. Quickly and effectively assigning various issues and tasks to the correct person, department, or store as a huge asset and made massive improvements to time management.

Intelocate helped HMV reduce the time spent on tasks by 2.5 hours per task and had a 75% reduction in the number of emails needed to coordinate actions for task execution.

Not only area we able to massively reduce our manual processes, but Intelocate also simplified how we dealt with all contacts from stores. Intelocate provides transparency and confidence so stores have full visibility of their request progression.
– Rupert Banning-Lover, Central Operations Manager, HMV

Discover all the intricacies of HMV that Intelocate was able to streamline by reading the free, detailed case study. 

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