Accelerating Sales and Motivating Employees with Arcade

Even with efficient inventory, insightful reporting, and an in-store experience ready to blow customers away, your store can’t be successful without engaged, passionate staff to bring that powerful retail environment to life. Wireless retailers depend on their people to make buying a phone, finding a new case, or upgrading a rate plan more than just another transaction. But associates have a lot to do and even more to remember when it comes to being an effective wireless spokesperson, and sometimes this can take its toll.

The Challenge

It’s easy to have new employees excited about their role when the first start, but keeping the momentum going as they enter their tenure can prove difficult. Long-term engagement is tricky to propagate — especially when you consider turnover, burnout, and the rapidly changing environment of the current retail industry. Not only that, but in-house managed rewards and incentive programs can become cumbersome. While employees may feel the love at first, if their recognition isn’t consistent, they can lose faith in the program and their performance will start to falter.

Now customer service employees, to some degree, are in the job because they love helping people. However, even the most passionate of employees can experience fatigue, especially when their hard work and diligent efforts go seemingly unnoticed. But wireless retailers are dependent on their associates, so what can be done?

The Solution

An encouraging word or an exciting reward can be great for small bursts of motivation, but extended engagement from employees takes optimized well-planned incentives. Arcade offers a gamified process with a built-in system of micro-incentives, automated rewards, and sales contests to keep employees motivated beyond that first point of recognition.

But rewards for good work aren’t enough. A wireless retail business, no matter the size, has key performance indicators and internal goals that act as the North Star of success. When employees engage with customers, they should understand how their work connects to the larger company objective and see the incentives they earn and measurable ways to track their progress. When an associate closes a sale and a customer leaves satisfied, it’s more than a number towards a quota; it’s a concrete way to move the needle towards organizational success.

  • Wireless retailers experience an average of 10% cost savings on incentives management when they moved from their in-house rewards program to the Arcade solution.
25 increase
  • When making the move to Arcade, businesses saw a 25% increase in in-store sales across their locations due to improved employee engagement with effective rewards programming to keep staff on their game.

A True Team Effort

Arcade’s proprietary sales games connect to your RQ sales feed to help strategically focus your employees on the actions, behaviors, and key results that move the needle for your business.

  • Live sales contest updates directly from your RQ system
  • Multiple game modes that keep the competitions fresh and fun
  • Digital gifted rewards that are instantly delivered to your employees

When employees see their work as meaningful — like understanding the clear connection between their sales and the overall success of the business — they’ll feel more satisfied and confident in their roles. For your business, this means greater retention and less time spent training new employees.

Learn more about how wireless retailers have optimized incentives with Arcade in their case study.

Communication is Key

Arcade’s chat and news feed lets your team create individual and group channels that enable you to coordinate communications between stores in a safe, secure, and scalable way.

  • Manage team chats automatically with RQ integration
  • Make announcements that notify everyone
  • Unlimited sharing of files, videos, and images

Arcade not only provides an effective method of incentivizing wireless retail, but it also has functionality that ensures employees feel like they’re more than a staff member; they’re a meaningful piece of the puzzle.

The thing we love about [Arcade] is that it really creates a sense of community, we’re able to really bring teams together. Even if they’re spread out from a geographic standpoint, they’re still connected as one district or one region…they really do become like family. They reinforce behaviors and they reinforce each other.” – Jim Pack, JR for PCS Partners.

Features like employee chat enable communication across locations when it matters most. Whether employees want to check in on daily happenings at another location, further assist a customer with an inventory query at another store, or simply want to stay in touch, Arcade enables it all.

Arcade keeps those on the front-line motivated with a gamified, rewarding experience that ensures they’re always putting experience first.