The State of Customer Outreach in Wireless

The results are in! 

Last fall, Statflo conducted a comprehensive survey to uncover key data points on how businesses in wireless are using outreach in their marketing and sales initiatives.

After surveying 140 operators and wireless retailers, Statflo’s report finds that 6 out of 10 wireless businesses plan to increase their budget for customer outreach programs in 2020.

Take a sneak peek at the findings below! And join us on February 6th for the full results of the 2020 Customer Outreach Benchmark Report over a live, 30-min webinar. We’ll break down the strategies and tactics that power a winning outreach program in 2020

Key findings from the report

Outreach has shifted from a check-the-box, informal sales tactic to a strategic function that is critical to driving revenue growth and customer satisfaction. Here’s a look at some of the findings that surfaced:

  • Top-performing outreach programs contribute to as much as 21% of total sales revenue.

  • Improving the customer experience and increasing the number of new subscribers are two of the highest sales priorities in 2020.

  • 9 out of 10 businesses already incorporate some form of text messaging in their outreach.

  • 60% of businesses plan to increase their budgets for customer outreach programs, which indicates a high level of optimism with their results.

  • Only 40% of businesses have a formal compensation plan tied to outreach and satisfaction scores are low across leadership, field management, and front-line staff.

To thrive in 2020, operators and wireless retailers will need to get creative with their outreach strategies as a result of generational changes to preferred methods of communication, consumer expectations for a better retail experience, longer device upgrade cycles, and lowered foot traffic to brick-and-mortar retail stores.

Want to learn more about the data?

Benchmarking is a starting point. Get your hands on the rest of the data to address areas of improvement and double down on those that perform above the industry-standard. 

Sign up for the live webinar on February 6, 2020 at 11:00 AM PST, 2:00 PM EST. We’ll help you see exactly how your program compares to the rest of the wireless industry. Whether you have one retail store or 500, you’ll learn:

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  • How your program stacks up against the rest of the industry

  • Winning tactics to incorporate into your 2020 outreach program

  • Highest performing (and least performing) channels in outreach

Great customer service leads to great customer satisfaction. Don’t miss out on our webinar to leverage the power of data to provide those on-demand, personalized, one-to-one experiences for your customers.

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