5 Ways Shiftlab for RQ is a Game-Changer for Telecom Retail Workforce Management

Shiftlab has been making waves with its cutting-edge workforce management technology built for telecom retail.

Now, that technology has been embedded right into iQmetrix’s retail management solution, RQ — providing telecom retailers like you with a powerful AI-driven platform within your existing systems. 

Here, we look at how this integration can optimize retail operations, reduce labor costs, and keep you ahead in a competitive telecom retail market. 

1. A seamless, all-in-one retail and workforce management system

The powerful integration between Shiftlab and RQ brings together best-in-class tools for optimizing your staffing, increasing sales, and boosting profits, all accessible through a single login and cohesive user interface within your current RQ.

That means no more juggling multiple logins or disjointed systems — just one streamlined solution for all your workforce needs.

If you’re an existing RQ user, Shiftlab will be replacing the previous RQ Scheduler tool. But don’t worry — the integration leverages existing data connections between the two companies to ensure a smooth transition with zero downtime.

2. Automated, AI-powered technology that takes the guesswork out of employee optimization

Shiftlab’s cutting-edge platform uses advanced automation and AI to take the guesswork and headaches out of employee scheduling, compliance tracking, real-time performance monitoring, and data-driven decision making.

One of Shiftlab’s standout features is automated scheduling based on forecasted demand and employee performance data. The AI essentially plays matchmaker, intelligently placing your top performing staff into the highest traffic periods. This optimized scheduling translates directly into better sales numbers and higher profits.

As Amy Beaulieu, Manager of Field Operations at The Mobile Shop, said: Shiftlab makes putting the right people on at the right time an incredibly insightful yet simple process… it’s given us a positive ROI.”

3. Peace of mind with automatic labor law compliance

The automation mentioned above doesn’t stop at scheduling. Shiftlab also ensures your stores remain compliant with labor laws through smart features like automatically scheduling breaks, capturing break attestations, and sending overtime alerts. You can rest easy, knowing there will be no more costly fines or unintended violations.

4. An easy-to-use dashboard that puts the power in your hands

Another game-changer is the real-time Store Pulse dashboard. With this bird’s eye view, managers can monitor issues like late store openings, overtime trends, missed breaks, budget status and more - getting flagged immediately if anything looks off-track.

5. Amazing ROI and tangible results upon implementation

The benefits of implementing Shiftlab span increased sales, reduced labor costs, improved customer satisfaction scores, and an overall streamlined operation. Telecom retailers leveraging the platform report some impressive results:

  • 10% increase in profit per hour
  • 6% decrease in wasted downtime
  • 15% boost in customer satisfaction ratings

Waleed Ayoub, Senior Vice President of Product and Technology at iQmetrix, said, This integration fundamentally transforms how telecom retailer operate — streamlining processes and boosting bottom lines… We’re empowering clients to maximize staff efficiency, enhance satisfaction, and drive profitability through one unified, intuitive platform.”

With this seamless iQmetrix RQ integration, telecom retail managers finally have a one-stop solution for point-of-sale and retail management and intelligent workforce optimization.

Existing RQ users are encouraged to request a personalized assessment to see how Shiftlab can deliver tailored cost savings and labor optimization for their business.

Check out the recording of our webinar: Revolutionize Your Operations With Shiftlab for RQ.