3 Reasons You Should be Using iQmetrix Partner Integrations

Retailers are increasingly seeking to integrate a variety of capabilities into their POS in order to help streamline their business operations and provide a more well-rounded customer experience. It is important now more than ever before to add a partner integration to create a winning strategy. 

Paired with the right solution, your integrations will help you streamline your business operations and drive revenue growth. 

What is a partner integration?

But before we go any further, let’s explain what an integration is, for the uninitiated.

Simply put, an integration is a term used to describe the way two different companies find a shared communication path and combine their respective technologies to create a more comprehensive solution.

Here are 3 reasons why you should get on board with our Partner Solutions allowing your business.

1) Our Solutions are crucial for success

We’re talking about RQ joining forces with 40+ Partner integrations to create a more powerful ecosystem of solutions for owners. We’ve ramped up even more functionality by creating a vast partner ecosystem that provides readily available integrations to streamline your business operations and drive revenue growth.

Our Partner Solutions are no longer nice-to-have. They are crucial for successful retailers to ensure more efficiency and better visibility. Our integrations not only improve the customer experience but enhances the efficiency of operations by fully integrating RQ with our Partner Ecosystem. 

2) Say no to #FOMO

As of today, the majority of our iQmetrix retailers have opted in for one or more of our Partner Integrations. 92% of RQ locations, your competitors, are use one or multiple Partner integration. So, don’t be left out while your competition takes on a whole new level with automation, reporting, and marketing abilities. Failure to integrate RQ system with our existing Partner solutions can lead to time consuming, inefficient processes as well as create inaccurate results. 

Take, for example, a retailer who is looking for a simplified scheduling process, by using our HR solution retailers can create error-free shifts to make sure the shop is properly staffed. This not only improves the customer experience but enhances your business efficiency.

3) What can our solutions do for you

Integration between our Partners systems and RQ opens capabilities on both the operations and marketing side anywhere from ways to improve their bottom line, create prospect databases, streamline scheduling and payroll, video, audio, & data to give you insights to protect and grow your business, to providing tools to know when your customers need to be contacted. Imagine the success your business could see by fully integrating RQ with our Partners.

Adding a Partner integration (or two or three) to your operational mix unlocks a host of benefits surrounding dropship, vendor management inventory, analytics, and so much more. It can grow your business and even connect you to your customers building loyalty and return business. 

Want to learn more?

To learn more about our partner integrations and how they can benefit your business, check out our Partner Ecosystem below and start seeing the difference they can make in your business.