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Creating Great Experiences

iQmetrix is an industry-leading, trusted provider of intelligent retail management software built for telecom.

About iQmetrix - Create Great Experiences

Our Story

For more than 20 years, iQmetrix has been passionate about creating great experiences for telecom retailers and their customers.

Our founders began in wireless with the founding of, a Saskatchewan-based telecommunications company. They quickly recognized that retail management solutions on the market could not meet the needs of telecom companies. Industry retailers have specific needs that can’t be supported by a blanket retail software.

Now an enterprise-level company with 450-plus employees, iQmetrix has evolved to support retailers across North America with offices in both Canada and the United States. The iQmetrix ecosystem powers enterprise-scale carriers as well as small-and-medium telcos and enables them to achieve their strategies for profitability and growth. In 2020, the foundational product, known as RQ, processed $15.5 billion in wireless sales and was used by 425,000 users.

Today, iQmetrix is forging ahead to support the future of telecom retail, whatever it may look like. From channels that exist today to those than have yet to be imagined, iQmetrix is focused on enabling retailers to buy anywhere, creating great experiences on every step along the way.

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1999 | iQmetrix is founded in Regina, SK


2002 | First clients are signed after three years of development


2002 | iQmetrix was named one of Top 25 Up and Coming IT Companies in Canada by The Branham Group


2006 | Denver office opens, after a year of iQmetrix hosting US client data at a Denver datacenter


2006 | iQmetrix achieves market leadership among North American indirect wireless retailers


2008 | iQmetrix Completes Acquisition of Work Software Systems


2009 | RQ4 the next generation of RetailiQ Retail Management, was launched


2009 | iQmetrix head office relocates from Regina, SK, to Vancouver, BC


2011 | iQmetrix reaches milestone of RQ solution powering 10,000 wireless retail locations


2012 | iQmetrix signs first Australian client


2018 | Tier 1 carrier rolled out the iQmetrix BOPIS solution across its authorized retailer doors


2019 | RQ solution powers over 20,000 wireless retail stores in US and Canada


2020 | The iQmetrix omnichannel suite of solutions is named the Business App of the Year at the Mobile Breakthrough Awards


2020 | RQ powers $15.5 billion wireless sales in US and Canada


2021 | iQmetrix launches Remote Pay contactless payment solution


Our Leadership

The members of the iQmetrix senior leadership team bring unsurpassed telecom retail sector knowledge and expertise to the table. To find out more, click on the “Read Bio” link for their individual roles and backgrounds.


Ryan Volberg

Lead (President and CEO),

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Stacy Hamer

Lead (Vice President),
Client Experiences

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Joanne Helm

Lead (Vice President),
Partner Management

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Theresa Rowsell

Theresa Rowsell

Lead (Vice President), Product

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Jeff Vall

Lead (Vice President),
Corporate Development

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Aaron Watson

Lead (Vice President),

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Our People

iQmetrix would be nothing without the 450-plus incredible “iQers” that bring their talent, passion, and experience to their jobs every single day. We are fiercely proud of our self-management approach, our SLICCE cultural values that guide everything we do, our commitment to giving back, and our ability to have a great time while excelling at our work.

If you’re interested in learning more about what it means to be an iQer, head over to our Careers page. You can read about what drives iQmetrix employees to do their best work, how we live out our SLICCE values, and which open positions would be perfect for your skillset so you can join in on the fun.


Our Philosophy

We understand telecom retail.

The climb to industry leadership requires much more than the basics. It requires a seamless and consistent experience across not only today’s retail channels, but also the channels of the future.

We’re looking ahead to what’s next. That means focusing on in-store, online, on social media, via search engines, at mobile kiosks, through augmented reality, live streaming, big data, AI-driven applications, or the next big thing. Telecom retailers need a strong technology foundation to run a business that bridges touchpoints and leverage the channels that emerge. iQmetrix provides that foundation.


The Retail Hierarchy of Needs

This is how we help clients tackle the complex challenges and hone their customer experience. At every level, we design solutions designed to improve core processes, unify channels, and enable customers to buy anywhere.


Operational Efficiency

Do you have a solid foundation of technology to drive your core operations?

Not having operational efficiency limits your ability to successfully compete in the telecom space, evolve as the customer does or enhance the retail experience as expectations change. Fulfilling those foundational needs is the start of creating an exceptional experience.


Unified Experience

Can you wow your customers with a consistent brand experience across any channel?

A unified, omnichannel strategy in telecom is more challenging than any other retail vertical. Our solutions solve the massively complex relationship between the carrier and authorized retailer by bridging corporate, indirect, and online touchpoints.


Buy Anywhere

Are you prepared to meet the future evolution of retail, wherever it may lead?

With an adaptable, intelligent retail platform that can either serve as your complete end-to-end retail management system or bridge into your existing solutions, you can deliver a data-driven, buy-anywhere strategy that meets customers wherever they are.


With unparalleled industry expertise and a relentless focus on solving complexities and creating great experiences at every touchpoint for every stakeholder, iQmetrix is setting the
global standard for telecom retail management software.