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Executive Team

Christopher Krywulak

President and CEO

Christopher is committed to iQmetrix’s growth, innovation, culture and integrity. He leads the Executive Team in ensuring all departments operate according to the company purpose: To create great experiences – at the workplace, in the products they build and in the service they deliver. He also devotes specific attention to product design and development.

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Eric Stachowski

President, iQmetrix USA

Eric heads the iQmetrix U.S. office, located in Davidson, N.C., just outside of Charlotte, and is primarily involved in managing our Professional Services, Launch, and Enterprise Account Management teams.

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Greg Krywulak

Corporate Director

Greg currently sits on the iQmetrix Advisory Board, which assists in making key strategic decisions related to new initiatives, organizational structure and overall corporate direction.

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Kelly Kazakoff

Chief Operating Officer

Kelly is involved in all strategic decisions at iQmetrix and oversees operations across the company, with a particular focus on sales and business development. He manages employee, customer and organizational needs to ensure quality product and service delivery.

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Ron Tweddle, C.A.

Chief Financial Officer

Ron oversees all financial operations for iQmetrix, with a focus on strategy and planning. He ensures that the business and its multiple offices operate according to plan, while also supporting key growth priorities.

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Scott McGillivray

Chief Strategy Officer

Scott is responsible for supporting strategic development and execution, employee development and corporate culture. He also oversees the iQmetrix marketing team.

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