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The Latest Scoop on Retail

The Perk of Virtual Lines for Those on The Daily Grind

Jul 28,2016 — Lana Chunn

Calling all coffee lovers. How long would you wait for your caffeine fix when at your favorite coffee shop?

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5 Ways to Slay Your Back-to-School Social Media Strategy

Jul 27,2016 — Lana Chunn

While your customers have been soaking up the summer rays, backyard BBQ’s, and ice cream dates you’ve been knee-deep in back-to-school marketing plans.

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Breaking It Off With Your Legacy System

Jul 25,2016 — Brady Parker

It can seem too good to be true when you find a point-of-sale software that is a perfect match for you.

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Don't Be Derailed By Millennials, Stay On Track

Jul 22,2016 — Tashia Walters

Welcome to part two of our three part retail trends series, 'Are You on the Retail Trend Train'. In part one we discussed the importance of incorporating video content in your marketing strategies. 

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Shining a Light on Omnichannel Proficiency

Jul 20,2016 — Megan Howse

Everyone is talking “omnichannel proficiency” but few are taking action so we’re getting up close and personal with the retail strategy! What does it mean? What are challenges and where do you begin? Who is doing it successfully and what will the next trends be?

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Pokemon Go? More Like Pokemon Shop

Jul 18,2016 — Aaron Shauf

Have you ever thought to increase traffic in a physical store, an owner might lure a virtual panda-looking creature named Pancham to lurk near the sales section?

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Customer Loyalty - It's Not For Sale

Jul 13,2016 — Tanya Floer

You cannot put a price on customer loyalty, you have to earn it. Although loyalty discounts are a piece of the puzzle, they do not conquer complete customer loyalty.

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The EMV Hardware Equation

Jul 11,2016 — Rachel Liste

Since the October 2015 liability shift I have been talking with retailers about their EMV Strategy.

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Patriotic Retail Resurgence

Jul 07,2016 — Brayden Gervan

This past weekend, both Canada and the United States celebrated the birth of their nations, Canada Day (July 1) and Independence Day (July 4) respectively.

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Retailers: It's Time to Embrace Digital!

Jul 04,2016 — Channing Kochylema

It was a beautiful day out and I was enjoying lunch on a patio with a group of my friends when the topic of a video that had circulated earlier in the day came up.

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