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How Good Service Becomes Great

May 02,2016 — Zoran Kovacevic

Most of us understand the importance of great service for sustained success in retail and any other industry, but only a few organizations truly know how to provide great customer service.

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Delivering a Stellar In-Store Experience

Apr 27,2016 — Madison Dufault

Imagine you’re walking into your favorite store. What do you think of first? The displays in the front window? The friendly store clerk? The smell of the store? Likely it was a little bit of everything.

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Where Did All The Big Box Retailers Go?

Apr 25,2016 — Brayden Gervan

Think about a big box store in your hometown.  The institution that stands larger than life, with the massive parking lot, where you can go and spend half a day shopping for pretty much anything you need and waiting in line for the other half.  

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Boeing 737 Big Data Blunder!

Apr 20,2016 — Megan Howse

I was travelling recently and booked a long travel day with limited time in between flights. There I was…hanging out in economy seating…for my 5 hour flight…directly over lunch hour…and I was getting hangry!

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4 Ways Endless Aisle Can Transform Your Product Assortment Strategy

Apr 18,2016 — Faai Steuer

It’s well known that product assortment planning is crucial to the success of retail operations. Bringing online assortment in-store is not just about having all of your products available to your customers. It’s about having the right products at the right price point, so you can satisfy your target consumers, while maximizing profit per square feet.

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Put Your Customers to Work

Apr 14,2016 — Zoran Kovacevic

Getting customers involved in service delivery by “putting them to work” often improves the service and the overall experience. In fact, service is always created with customer participation. 

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Shopping With Millennials

Apr 11,2016 — Madison Dufault


One current challenge that retailers face is how to deal with a customer base that is increasingly tech savvy. The Millennials or Generation Y are becoming the majority of customers and it’s crucial to understand their purchasing habits.

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Chatbots In An Omnichannel World

Apr 06,2016 — Aaron Shauf

Is the next step in engaging customers chatting with robots? More companies are betting that this is the way we are going. Chatbots, or chatterbots, are a computer program that conduct a conversation, whether an audible one or via a texting platform.

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Forget The Meatballs! IKEA Does Virtual Reality

Apr 05,2016 — Lana Chunn

Ohhh Ikea. The Swedish meatballs, cheap furniture, fun knick-knacks... as if we needed another reason to go to your stores and then you go and announce your foray into virtual reality!

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Stop, Drop & Pop-Up Shop

Apr 04,2016 — Tanya Floer

Pop-up stores continue to be an innovative, fun and effective approach for retailers in today’s ever growing competitive space. Whether it’s a store-within-store concept, a standalone pop-up or a traveling school bus road show, pop-up stores continue to win the attention of consumers, attracting both loyal and new customers.

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