POS and RMS Software Tailored for Total by Verizon Retailers

iQmetrix is your one-stop shop for point-of-sale, retail management, payments, onboarding, and support

iQmetrix’s superior VIDAPAY integration delivers an all-in-one point-of-sale and activation experience. If you’re tired of disconnected systems, switch to RQ, so your business can: 

Save time and reduce errors at checkout

Our VIDAPAY carrier integration pulls key data elements that fills the data gaps and enables hassle-free reconciliation, including rate plan SKUs, customer data, device and activation information, compensation, payment amounts, and more. This saves your sales reps and customers time.

Simplify reconciliation and maximize revenue

Take back your hours of manual comparisons with robust reconciliation tools providing discrepancy identification, accurate employee commissions, and seamless carrier compensation reconciliation. 

Boost operational efficiency

With sophisticated reporting, employee management, and security tools, RQ provides you with scalable tools to manage your growing retail channel, for easy reporting, performance-driven employee management, and peace of mind. 


Growing Your Total by Verizon Business with Tailored Software Solutions

Highlights include: 

  • A superior VIDAPAY integration 
  • Robust inventory and reconciliation tools 
  • Sophisticated reporting 
  • A vast partner ecosystem 
  • And much more 

RQ Features


Set up discounts, promotions, suggestive selling, regional taxes, and more. Your employees will be supported in every way, making them empowered to confidently serve customers from day one on the job. 

Cash Management

Protect against theft by knowing which employee has what level of access. From handling multiple cash drawers to the management of cash ins, cash outs, and drops, it’s all supported by approval and reporting. 

Inventory Management and Supply Chain

Manage inventory and supply chain with a robust solution that can accurately count, forecast, and serialize inventory while providing real-time visibility. The right products at the right time for the right price, means your profitable success.

Real-Time Reporting

Examine real-time insights with a world-class reporting system on a robust cloud-based architecture. From executive dashboards to fully customizable performance group 


Keep sensitive information under lock, key, and fingerprint. With customizable security roles, employees only have access to the details they need to do their job well. 

Seamless Integrations

Beyond just the core functionality, RQ also provides seamless integrations to more innovative applications, including:

iQmetrix Integrated Payments
Integrated Payment Processing

Connect your workstations directly to the terminal with integrated payments. Automate your checkout flow, reduce human error, and reconcile with ease. With iQmetrix Merchant Services, our payments experts are there for you when you need superior onboarding, customer service, and support. 

iQmetrix Retail Management Solutions
Workforce Management

Shiftlab, a sibling-company to iQmetrix, is a workforce management platform designed for telecom retail business to optimize their teams. Shiftlab automates scheduling, streamlines time and attendance, and provides real-time data to help your team make the most out of every shift. 

iQmetrix Finance Management
Tax Integration

A fully integrated, end-to-end sales tax integration that manages tax collection, filing and remittance, alleviating the burden of tax compliance. 

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